CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo tests positive for COVID-19

Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo take turns mocking each other - CNN Video

…For those who don’t know, he is also the younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. CNN broke the news about an hour ago about their journalist. He is asymphomatic—meaning he is not feeling ill–and plans to continue working from home while being self-quarantined.

For the first time since the Earthquake in Haiti, CNN finds itself in a compromising situation in which one of their journalists has become a part of the news story. CNN took a lot of criticism back then because their chief medical correspondant Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is a practicing Neurosurgeon treated sick and injured people in Haiti while reporting on the ground.

Chris Cuomo’s situation is a bit more complicated not just because of who his brother is but CNN has been giving his brother free airtime daily “Because it’s nice to hear from a competent leader for a change”. I was actually about to comment on this right after my previous post when I heard the news. Oh, the irony. CNN can’t catch a break this week. LOL.

Me personally, I don’t think it’s right or ok for CNN to carry Cuomo’s daily briefings. It would be nice if they did this for other states. Yeah, I get New York City is the U.S. epicenter for COVID-19 but if you only get your news from CNN, you wouldn’t know it has hit all 50 states. THAT’S what oversaturation does.

As for Chris Cuomo, I never liked him as a reporter personally. He comes off as way too arrogant and confrontational to me. There’s pressing someone and then there’s going out of your way to be disrespectful which he does.

I don’t have a problem with his brother but how he’s been a journalist on a major media network speaks to the low standards CNN has. They like outspoken people and more so those with a track record of clashing with Republicans.


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The United States now leads the world in confirmed COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 updates: Senate at odds over makeup of coronavirus stimulus

…And yet Trump continues to refuse to take ANY kind of leadership responsability as President of the United States.

Before I continue, I want to repeat what everyone else has been saying for over a week now. Trump did not create the problem but he has done much to make it worse. His refrain to his base is “Lamestream Media is conspiring to to hurt my re-election” and “I don’t think (the need for ventilators) is as serious as Governors are saying it is”.

After signing the $2.2 Trillion Relief Package Friday afternoon, Trump announce he told Pence and the Corona Virus Task Force not to talk to Governors “who are not appreciative of him”. No, really. You don’t need to listen to the pundits in Corporate Media to know Trump is extremely petty and can’t handle criticism even when he knows he’s wrong.

After almost a week of disputing the needs of New York by its governor, Trump announced early Saturday afternoon he is considering Quarantining New York City as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticuit. That’s how bad things got and as New York governor Andrew Cuomo said–by the way his younger brother Chris Cuomo works as a reporter for CNN–New York City is the epicenter of the Pandemic in the U.S. Trump announced Saturday night he’ll ask the CDC to issue a travel advisory for the NYC/NJ/CT area instead of a Quarantine.

Here’s the numbers as of tonight for the U.S.:

  • Confirmed U.S. Cases: 100,000+
  • U.S. Deaths: 2,000+

…That’s as of this writing. Both numbers should continue to rise in the weeks and months to come. The death count actually doubled over the last 48 hours and…yeah.

As a reminder, the world hasn’t seen the worst of it yet either. You don’t need Corporate Media to tell you that. Anyone with eyes and ears can and should be able to easily see that. Of course, most of those who will get COVID-19 WILL recover and that IS important to keep in mind. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous though. Nor is it ok to just let it run unchecked through population centers as some idiots are saying should happen.


Craig T. Kocher and Keith Kocher: How can the church learn from ...

The thing about all this that has the world baffled is how quickly COVID-19 not only spread but overwhelmed the U.S. Healthcare system. It’s easy to understand when you remember healthcare is not a right first, most Americans are unhealthy second and America 37th in Healthcare overall.

Italy is #2 and their healthcare system is on the verge of collapse. It’s so bad, hundreds are dying daily and they are forced to prioritize those who have the highest odds of surviving COVID-19. American healthcare systems are contemplating making the same decisions as we speak.

Those who do not have any underlying or pre-existing conditions have been shown to have the best odds of recovering should they get it. The severity of it varies from person to person and in fact, most who contract it–80% of all cases–do not even need to be hospitalized. All you have to do is self quarantine at home and let it run its course. Once you recover from it, you self-isolate for another week as a precaution and then you’re good.

The other 20% who require hospitalization are a combination of those like myself with prexisting conditions and respiratory problems or become seriously ill from COVID-19. Folks need to keep in mind since COVID-19 is highly contagious, Healthcare Professionals need to wear protective gear so they themselves to not get infected while treating patients. The problem is because of shortages, they’re being forced to reuse masks and other kinds of equipment because they’ve run out.

The reason for this is because of beurocracy and lack of leadership at the Federal level (Trump). Remember: In January he called COVID-19 “a hoax” to parrot those who said “it was just a new strain of the flu”. At the beginning of the month he stated in press conferences “it’s not his responsability” and has since gone on to blame Obama and past adminstrations as usual for his lack of a spine. He called it a war but refuses to lead. How ironic.

Speaking of. Trump has noticably backed off referring to it as “The Chinese Virus” this week and when someone finally asked him why in a press conference, he said he stopped using the phrase because some people didn’t like it. He claimed his Chinese counterpart didn’t ask him to stop but I’m sure that an the fact China is helping other countries has something to do with it.

Anyway. Doctors, Nurses and First Responders–Policce, Firefighters, EMTs, etc.–in the U.S. are getting COVID-19 and dying from it because they do not have proper gear to protect themselves when they make contact with people who either do or are suspected to have COVID-19. Most of these deaths were avoidable if Trump acted sooner and more decisively.

For those who don’t know, Trump disbanded the U.S.’s department that handled Pandemics 3 years ago and folded it into another department. He is now saying when asked about it “No one had any way of knowing this would have happened three years ago”. True, and that’s exactly why disbanding the department was wrong. The widespread devastation was worstened because of that decision.

Generations Healthcare Network Selects VOCSN Multi-Function ...

A week after saying he did, Trump finally used the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of Ventilators. The CEO of Ventec recently appeared in a CNN interview in which he stated he has stated the company has started sharing information about how to build Ventilators with General Motors, which previously announced they would switch from making cars to mass producing Ventilators a few weeks ago.

The Ventec CEO announced they have started sharing the tech to make ventilators with General Motors and General Electric–as well as presumably other interested companies–and expects to have the first wave shipped out in no later than the end of June. Trump announced Monday afternoon once the demand in the U.S. falls, they will ship excess inventory to other countries that may need them.


CPAC attendee with coronavirus attended event earlier than ...

It was later revealed one of the attendees of CPAC 2020 tested positive for COVID-19 and it’s why despite calling it a Hoax, Trump as well as Mike Pence later got tested for it. Oh, the irony.

Many Trump supporters in rural areas are noting COVID-19 is ravaging major cities in traditionally blue states (New York, California, Michigan, New Jersey, etc.). Diseases don’t know or care about man-made boarders or divisions. NO ONE is immune to this virus and you can have it without knowing it right away. THAT’S why the whole world–not just those who live in cities–is being asked to practice Social Distancing. It’s not just to protect those who are especially vulnerable but also so the healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed.

Speaking of. Healthcare experts in rural states ARE paying attention and they know it’s inevitable that they will see a surge in COVID-19 cases sooner than later. In fact they’re trying–mostly in vain–to warn folks it WILL be coming their way.

Until this past week, Trump was all in with Social Distancing. Then he suddenly announced he wants parts of the U.S. back open by Easter “out of nowhere”. The REAL reason he suddenly changed his mind is because his businesses are closed and he’s starting to feel the pinch.

While yes there are those who have been saying some parts of the U.S. that should start to reopen soon–and that does make some sense–but the problem is we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Trump lashing out at the media almost daily for asking legit questions and accusing them of trying to hurt his relection campaign shows what a poor excuse for a leader he really is.

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates stated Thursday night on CNN there can be no Economy as long as COVID-19 is allowed to spread. Most economists agree with scientists and medical experts saying more harm than good would be done if Social Distancing guidelines start getting relaxed like Trump is looking to push for. He going against advice from everyone on this the way and that includes many of his own supporters.

Editorial: Joe Biden is already sounding more presidential than ...

Joe Biden, who has all but secured the Democratic Nomination recently joined former President Obama and Bernie Sanders in providing REAL leadership in the absence of any from the White House.

Trump truly believes his base alone will get him a second term. Whatever’s left of it come the RNC that is. His own Infectious Diseases Expert–Doctor Anthony Fauci–has had to do what Pence usually does and walk back many of Trump’s “wishful thinking” for the last few weeks. Thanks to him, Trump relented and backed off relaxing the Social Distancing policies and in fact will ramp them up soon. Finally, Trump is finding out how DEADLY serious things really are.

On that note. According to various polls, 53% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis to now and he has an overall approval rating of 48% as of this week. Neither surprises me personally and more so when you remember like it or not, alot of people legit like Trump regardless of the random stuff he says daily. Yes, Trump has been lying and making up facts as usual but they should know by now he will never take personal responsability for it ever. So, they should just stop trying to make him at this point. LOL.

While I do still believe Trump will be a 1-term president, we will probably have to wait until September when COVID-19 has made its way through rural areas for a few months to find out if Trump’s people still want to give him a second term in November.

Real facts in real-time: Duke team aims to develop live fact ...

…CNN went out of their way to provoke Trump for the second day in row only this time and tried to make it sound like they did nothing wrong. LOL. I respect Wolf Blitzer for sticking up for a colleague–Jim Acosta, who had his media credentials revoked two years ago for a few weeks–but saying it’s “their job to put the president’s feet to the fire” was out of line and just reeks of arrogance. That’s the American voter’s job. Not Corporate Media’s.

I saw it coming Monday afternoon when they cut out part of the briefing because they “didn’t want to give company CEOs free advertising”. That was a mistake because these are the companies that are mass producing life-saving equipment and supplies which they spent the last 2 weeks endlessly talking about every day. The American people deserved to know which companies they are and the fact that I had to change the channel to find out let me know they’re more interested in helping Biden with his campaign than being transparent themselves.

The U.S.’s broken Healthcare system was laid bare to a LOT of Americans for the first time thanks to COVID-19 and even more will see in the coming months when it starts ravaging rural areas. No one will dare call it “a hoax” then and that’s the silver lining.


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Corporate America is stepping up to help amid mass layoff concerns

Image result for Corporate Support

…And it may be a big reason why in an announcement that should come as a surprise to no one, Trump revealed Monday afternoon he is considering defying Medical Experts by calling for an end to Social Distancing.

You read that right.

Hours before Monday’s daily Corona Virus briefing, Trump made a tweet effectively saying he doesn’t want the U.S. Economy to be shut down indefinitely just to keep the spread of COVID-19 under control. I’m paraphrasing but he said “The cure can’t be worse than the virus”, effectively saying profits before people. Texas’ Lieutanant Governor piggybacked on these comments Monday night saying “Grandparents will gladly die for the sake of the U.S. Economy”.

This is not fiction or a Conspiracy Theory. This is happening now. Former Vice President Dick Cheney (Under Bush 43, 2000-2008), who is a former CEO himself sent a messge to Trump stating “There is no economy if hospitals are overwhelmed.” A short time later, the World Health Organization announced the U.S. may be the next Corona Virus epicenter. This announcement is likely in response to the news Trump is considering telling people to go back to work. A Corporate PAC jointly sent the White House a letter to Trump urging him to reopen the U.S. Econonmy and that is likely what sparked this announcement.

…It goes without saying Trump is heeding bad advice and the voices of people with selfish motivations. Mind you, I am not surprised at all. The reason I am not surprised is because Trump himself said last week he wouldn’t just listen to medical experts but other people as well. Clearly his economic advisors and Corporate America are pressuring him to reopen the economy.

The last 4 years speak for themselves. Trump wants to keep his base happy and to hell with anyone else. One by one, Republican lawmakers have been releasing public statements urging Trump to listen to medical experts about the Corona Virus Pandemic.

As a reminder, Italy has the #2 Healthcare system in the world and they were quickly overwhelemed. Over the weekend, 600 people died in a single day from the Corona Virus. Images of a warehouse lined with coffins and military trucks taking bodies to be cremated in Italy have flooded the internet. They are now pleading with the rest of the world to avoid repeating the same mistakes they made early on. Spain announced Monday they have started converting Ice Skating rinks into morgues because of how many people are dying daily so…yeah.

South Korea and China have both started reopening on a rolling basis and that may also be why Trump is now pushing for the U.S. to reopen by Easter next month. The difference between the U.S. and those two countries is those two countries quickly got things under control and most importantly, they had the capability to do it. They had routine screening protocols in place and so people could be quickly tested and treated without overwhelming their respective healthcare systems.

The U.S. does not have these in place and never has because Healthcare is not considered important enough. This problem predates Trump obviously but he has simply exacerbated the problem to the point he and his friends in the corporate world are willing to let people die for profit.


Image result for Corporate Donations

Most U.S. based companies have adjusted their business practices to both comply with Social Distancing and stay afloat during these times. T-Mobile has given everyone free Unlimited Data for the time being. Most restaurants are offering enhanced take out and delivery options including no contact upon request. Most major supermarket chains like Stop and Shop, Shaws, Target, Wal Mart, Star Market and Roche Brothers have set aside the first and last 90 minutes of business hours for the Elderly and persons with compromised immune systems.

Amazon announced last week that orders for food, medicine and other essential items will be prioritized over everything else. I confirmed that yesterday with two items–a luggage bag and a Blu Ray movie–in my Amazon shopping cart. As of today, the estimated delivery date for them is April 22 (!). Did I forget to mention I also currently have Amazon Prime? With how overwhelmed most Amazon Warehouses probably are right now, I expect delivery times to be backed up even further in the weeks and months to come.

AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas closed all their cinema locations worldwide last week. I actually did see Sonic The Hedgehog at the AMC theater in Downtown Boston the week before and when I went, there were only 5 other people in the same auditorium I watched the movie in. Studios have adjusted by doing a combination of early home releases and allowing consumers to stream movies in theaters at home. Some have even started doing home releases of movies that would have hit theaters in the coming weeks and months.

Everyone knows by now the airline industry has been hit the hardest by this pandemic worldwide due to travel restrictions. The hotel industry taking huge financial hits surprised me in comparison. Why? Because I am sure that there are many who would like to go into self isolation or self-quarantine and a hotel or motel room would be perfect for that.

If hotels and motels slashed their rates by at least 70% in cities especially–it costs $200 a night minimum for a hotel room in Boston on average–they would see an unprecidented surge in business. Just putting that out there.


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Conspiracy Theorists launch aggressive Social Media Campaign: “It’s just the Flu.”

Image result for Conspiracy Theorists

…Come on, you knew a post like this was coming sooner than later from me.

As is always the case when there is a crisis of some kind, there are those who will take the opportunity to spread myths and disproven misinformation for the sole purposes of spreading confusion, fear and gaining influence. Of course, The COVID-19 Pandemic is no different.

When I discuss conspiracies shared online, I intentionally do not name names because I do not want to draw attention to them and this give them attention which they want. Here are some of the big ones I saw without even trying to look while browsing Facebook and Twitter comments related to COVID-19 over the last few days. ALL of them are false.


  • “The Corona Virus is really a different strain of the Flu”: So was the Swine Flu and the Avian Flu but that didn’t make them any less dangerous. When you know you are sick with something that is contagious or might have been exposed to someone who was sick, you don’t go walking around like everything’s fine. You either say home, go to the hospital or otherwise self-quarantine  to keep others from getting sick.
  • “It’s really  Biological Weapon made by <Insert Country Here>.”: I know a few biologists and all of them have said no one makes a biological weapon without a vaccine and an antidote to go with it. Period. Why? To protect themselves from their own creation.
  • “Everyone doing what the government says is a sheep.”: First of all, the governments of the world have deferred to the World Health Organization (WHO) and their country’s equivalents such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, U.S.) on COVID-19. Second, you’re free to ignore what’s being said and see what happens. Go ahead but don’t say you weren’t warned or didn’t know.
  • “It’s not as bad as the media is saying it is.”: The problem with that arguement is by now, enough people in the world KNOWS someone who either currently has, has died from or is recovering from COVID-19 who can speak on it. While it’s true everyone who gets it is affected differently, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. You dont think it’s “that bad”, do you? Go to the nearest hospital and tell someone that. Do that and see what happens. I dare you.
  • “COVID-19 is a False Flag.”: Same as above. Again: Finding someone who treated a COVID-19 infected person is actually not hard and will be getting easier in the days and weeks to come. So, you’ll be able to independently verify it as much as you want. LOL.

…I’ll stop there. It’s enough to make any sane person’s head spin.

There actually are at least two conspiracies that have some truth to them:

  1. The irony is Big Pharma will be relied on to develop and distribute treatment drugs and vaccines. We know they put profits before people and the irony is they will be relied on to develop life-saving medications and vaccines right now.
  2. Some world governments will use this Pandemic as an excuse to restrict or take away some civil liberties and freedoms. America was changed forever after 9/11 so…yeah.

Most of the media outlets are having a pissing contest nationally and internationally on who’s to blame for this spreading across the world and becoming a global pandemic. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty to say the least.

All that said, now isn’t the time to be selfish and risk helping to spread this disease. Asking questions is fine. Holding the media and the government accountable is your obligation. Telling people this is all in their heads because you don’t think it’s real is NOT cool.


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Bernie Sanders is clearly planning to suspend his campaign sooner than later

Image result for Bernie Sanders

…Even before COVID-19 changed America almost overnight last week, March hasn’t been a good month for Bernie Sanders’ presidental campaign. After 3 straight weeks of Joe Biden making big gains and now Tulsi Gabbard quietly ending her campaign, the writing’s on the wall.

When asked about the campaign Wednesday morning, Sanders responded by saying his focus is on the country being rocked by COVID-19 and everything after that is irrelevant. For all intents and purposes, Joe Biden is the Democratic Nominee. Sanders dropping out will make that official and chances are good he’ll make the announcement sooner than later. With Congress focused on hashing out a COVID-19 relief package in which everyone in America will get at least $1,000 Bernie Sanders has Senator hat on and that has his full attention. It would be fair to presume Sanders will suspend his campaign to focus on being  Senator during this uncertain times.

Image result for Empty Hospital hallway

For those who did not know, the U.S. was 37th in Healthcare in the world before COVID-19. Just last year, the CDC warned that if the U.S. was hit with a respiratory viral Pandemic, the nation’s hospitals were woefully unprepared to meet the crisis. Of course, that warning fell on deaf ears. Add to that a president who is not only unwilling to lead but dismantled the country’s Pandemic Response Department 3 years ago and you have the perfect storm for needless mass deaths.

I’ll put it like this: Italy has the second-best healthcare system in the world (Can’t remember if it’s Japan or Canada that is #1 offhand). They’re on the verge of collapse because of how quickly they were overwhelmed. With Wuhan, China–the place where this all began–reporting no new local cases for the first time ever, it does offer hope that this may not be as long as many many fear it could be. Italy passed China Thursday evening with most deaths to COVID-19.

Speaking of China. Conditions in China have stabilized to the point Chinese medical teams are going to Itay to help with the COVID-19 cases there. It’s easy to figure out how China got things under control in a matter of months when you remember the kind of government it is. They effectively locked down most of the country. Anyone who didn’t comply risked being thrown in prison so…yeah.

Image result for US COVID-19 Response

This didn’t surprise me at all but according to a few polls done Thursday afternoon, 56% of Americans are pleased with President Trump’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic up to now. That’s sure to change as the number of infected and the body count rises in the days and weeks to come.

If you’ve followed this blog since mid-2016 then you know all too well I have raked this president across the coals quite a bit for being a piss-poor “leader” and an even worse human being. Murphy’s Law basically means “Everything that could go wrong does go wrong.” That’s Trump’s presidency up to now in a nutshell. He ironically said in a press conference the other day he doesn’t consider consider COVID-19 to be an act of God. Well, “the universe” has ways of showing how little control you really have.

The irony is I said last summer that I believe Donald Trump will not got a second term and I doubled down on that earlier this year. The irony is it wasn’t scandals or blatant abuses of power but a virus threatening mankind that would torpedo his re-election campaign. And he knows it. It’s just cold logic. His famous words “It’s not my responsability” will be replayed to the families of those who lost loved ones and those who got sick to remind them of how little Trump thinks of what they went through.

Remember: We haven’t seen the worst of things yet. The next wave of this Pandemic is expected to come next month so…yeah.

Before I forget. Trump is deliberately using the phrase “Chinese Virus” to stoke racism  toward the Chinese and Chinese Americans overall. Let’s be up front about that. Now is not the time to play the blame game. That can come once this global crisis has passed. More so this will clearly be a big step toward the start of World War III.


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Social Distancing to avoid spreading COVID-19 has changed the world

Image result for deserted city streets

That picture is from the days immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombing back in 2013. Boston was in lockdown for almost a week as the manhunt for the two responsible was underway. Parts of Boston were virtually deserted as law enforcement fanned across the city and surrounding communities for the two responsible (and yes, I’m not saying their names on purpose).

…COVID-19 is making that look and feel like nothing in comparison.


Because the entire world has effectively come to a halt to slow the spread of this disease, which is highly contagious. By now, everyone knows about Social Distancing. Not just the whole country but the whole world is being asked to do it to slow the spread of COVID-19. Everyone is being asked to avoid public places and public gatherings because of how highly infectious COVID-19 is.

As has been the refrain on both Corporate Media and Social Media: Don’t be selfish. We’re all being asked to do this because you could literally be the reason someone gets it and worse, someone gets it and dies. What makes it so scary is you can be infected and not even know it because the sympthoms don’t start to develop until at least 5 days later.

Let’s see…do I want to be inconvenienced knowing it will keep both myself and others with vulnerable immune systems safe or do I want to be directly or indirectly responsible for someone getting COVID-19 because I wanted to be selfish and unknowingly got and spread it? Me personally, I would definitely want to sue or press charges against such a person myself.

There is one idiot in Texas who tested positive for COVID who checked himself out of the hospital and whose house is now surrounded by 9 sherriff’s deputies to keep him from leaving home. THAT’S the kind of selfishness I’m talking about and I know for each one we know about, there’s gotta be more we don’t.

This is to say nothing about the conpiracy theorists who continue to believe this is all either just different version of the Flu being overhyped and the tinfoil hat crowd who believe the government wil use this as an excuse to impose martial law.

Give me a break.

The whole world is dealing with this and it sure beats one extreme measure I know some world governments are already doing: Throwing the infected in prison. Let’s not pretend the United States, which has 100 Million people incarcerated is incapable of putting a major city under quarantine if it really felt the need to do so. Would that be an extreme measure? Absolutely. Let’s hope that doesn’t become necessary though.


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The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a Global Pandemic

Image result for Global Pandemic

…I always find it very interesting a pathogen that spreads in other countries isn’t taken seriously in the U.S. until it spreads across the U.S.

Like I mentioned on Sports Blogs, the Sports World shut down the day after Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the COVID-19. The following morning, his teammate Donovan Mitchell tested positive. Tom Hanks announced via Instagram he and his wife, who are in Australia tested positive for it as well.

According to several reports, both President Trump and Vice President Pence made contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19 sometime last week. No word yet if either of them are being monitored but it would be more than fair to say this is the biggest crisis of Trump’s presidency.

COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus has arrived in the U.S. and life for most will be different for the unforeseeable future. As usual, most Americans did not take it seriously until it began to sweep across the country. Before it came to the U.S., the racists wasted no time calling it “The Wuhan Virus” or “The Wuhan Corona Virus” in reference to Wuhan, China where the virus originated. It caused people to boycott Chinese-owned businesses–mostly restaurants–as well as be wary of Asians, especially those wearing face masks.

…Unsurprisingly, no signs of Italians or Italian businesses getting the same treatment anytime soon despite it being the new epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The irony is China has recovered so much that they are starting to send aid to other countries. In fact, a U.S. Pharaceutical Company is going to court to block Chinese manufacturers from buying life-saving medicine from them. The reason? Because the Chinese government will distribute it around the world for free.

Yes, really.

Speaking of messed up priorities:

Image result for hoarding hand sanitizer

You see this piece of trash? He bought over 77,000 bottles and containers of Hand Sanitizer and disinfectant for the sole purpose of reselling them online for money–and for more than he paid for them. Thankfully, Amazon and Ebay both suspended his accounts to block him from profiting from the Pandemic.

Another man who had the same idea intended to resell Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant he bought up for 3 to 4 times their value. Yes, there are some sick people out there who are clearing store shelves for the sole purpose of profiting from this Pandemic. It’s called messed up priorities.

Image result for Panic Shopping

This is commonplace in stores across the U.S.

I have friends in Wisconsin, Idaho, DC, New Jersey and Alabama who’ve shared via Social Media pictures like this as have celebrities. When you ask people why they’re clearing store shelves, they’ll tell you they’re just following advice to have enough food and supplies to last up to 2 weeks if need be.

Here’s the thing though: People are buying WAY more than they need for even that much time and they could care less about others. According to various reports, people in rural areas are buying in bulk and then shipping it to family or friends who live in cities. Understandable, but unncessary. In fact, I hope everyone is saving their receipts for when things eventually calm down if they don’t use up everything they bought. Because eventually, things will calm down. We know from China, where this all started that things will eventually turn around.

According to most of my neighbors, grocery stores and supermarkets are having no problem keeping up with demand for everything EXCEPT Disinfectant, Soap, Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer. So, no one should have any problems eating right now.

Since last week, businesses large and small have wasted no time assuring the public that they are taking the Global Pandemic very seriously. This will be big business for delivery services to say the least. Speaking of, many are offering to leave deliveries at the door and delivery drivers are opting to wear latex gloves and a mask while making deliveries.

That brings me to the topic of Social Distancing:

Image result for Social DIstancing

This is why it’s reccommended you maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (1 Meter outside the U.S.) while out in public to mitigate the transmission if you or someone near you has or might have COVID-19. Self-Quarantine or Self-Quarantine for at least two weeks is not only highly reccommended but encouraged if you live in population centers–cities. Keep contact with people to a minimum and thoroughly wash your hands often.

…There are some uncertain times to say the least.

I’ll say this on all my blogs as many times as I need to for those who believe reactions and responses to COVID-19 are being “exaggerated”:

  1. It takes 5 to 14 days for sympthoms to show themselves. Meaning you could be infected and not even know it for at least a week.
  2. It’s highly contaigous. It can survive on surfaces for up to 12 hours and on the hands for 5 to 12 minutes. It’s commonly transmitted via droplets and vapor from an infected person.
  3. Even if you, a healthy person will recover should you be infected that’s not the problem: You could unknowingly give it to someone who either has a compromised immune system, someone who is elderly or a child and is far more likely to die from it.

The first reported case of a pregnant woman infected with COVID-19 passing it on to her baby happened in China late last month, making it the first confirmed mother to child transmission.

As a reminder, Rudy Gobert didn’t take it seriously. He had it and didn’t even know. The morning after he tested positive for it, his teammate Donvan Mitchell tested positive and likely got it from him. It’s highly contagious to say the least.

Everyone needs to keep calm, stay safe and don’t be careless or wreckless because the last thing we need is to give the government an excuse to take certain freedoms away. The whole world has been affected by COVID-19. So far, every U.S. State except West Virginia has confirmed COVID-19 cases as of this writing. Massachusetts has 163 confirmed cases as of today.

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I feel the need to say this even though I hate talking about it because I feel it is important for people to know some people hold these worldviews and worse, they are aggressively spreading them online.

  • There are some online communities who are saying the Corona Virus is punishment from God for the world’s increased tolerence toward the LGBTQ+ community and Gay Marriage worldwide. Anyone who would even suggest that kind of thing is an idiot. Period.
  • There are some online communities who are saying the Corona Virus is a hoax because it’s a variant of the flu and is not as severe as it’s been confirmed to be. They’re saying everyone who’s gotten sick or died had the regular Flu and everyone is overreacting.
  • There are some online commities who believe the Corona Virus is a form of population control and should be spread across the world. Some are even encouraging people to get infected on purpose and help spread it to as many people as possible.
  • There are some online communities who believe the Corona Virus is actually a Biological Weapon created by the U.S. They say the Chinese government found out about it, reproduced it and released it in Wuhan to test its effectiveness but quickly lost control of it.

…And no, NONE of these are true.

There are some people who believe some or all of these are true and that’s what’s so scary. This is what happens when you stop listening to experts and want to decide what’s true is opinion and what’s opinion is true.


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