Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87 dies of Pancreatic Cancer; Mitch McConnell announces Senate will hold vote a for any Trump Nominee

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg | Choose Chicago

After her cancer diagnosis was announced a few months ago, concerns renewed on weather she could hang on until at least after the 2020 Presidental Election. She had serious health scares over the last two years including Pneumonia and Leukemia but managed to overcome them. You can’t help but chuckle a bit at the idea of her being mad at herself for dying before the 2020 Presidental election. She wanted to at least live to see the outcome of the election in November.

Now Trump will have a third Supreme Court Appointment with her death a bit over a month before the election. Mitch McConnell announced barely two hours after her death was announced the Senate will hold a vote for any and all Trump Nominees and you can be sure they will push for Trump to nominate someone as quickly as possible in the hopes of getting that person confirmed before the election “just to be safe”.

Republicans are already spinning it as “we need to fill the vacancy!” even though they already have a 5-3 majority. The GOP is completing the precident they set in 2016 when they delayed the vote for former President Obama’s Supereme Court pick after a vacancy opened up. When Trump was sworn in, he nominated Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy. We all know how that played out on national TV.

The GOP is now rushing to get another Conservative Justice who they hope will help them completely dismantle the Affordable Care Act (GOP defunded it) and overturn Roe v. Wade, which the GOP has been trying to overturn for over 50 years now. For those who don’t know, that was the legal case that led to Abortion being legalized in the U.S.

The GOP wants to make sure even if Trump doesn’t get a second term, they will still have firm control of at least one of the branches of government for a long time. Now the outcome of the presidental election feels far less important in comparison. When you control the courts, you control the laws prettymuch. What is and what should be are two different things.


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The Contrast between the DNC and the RNC are Night and Day

How to watch 2020 Democratic National Convention: Stream the ...


I’m just gonna put it like that. Moderate Republicans endorsing Biden makes the case Biden is not only willing to be Bipartisan but has a track record from his years in Congress and as Vice President.

The Obamas giving separate scathing rebukes of Trump–Michelle’s being more subtle was expected but still historic. This is the first time ever in this country’s history that the immediate predecessor to a sitting president openly criticized the sitting president. Past living presidents would always be careful not to publicly criticize the sitting president regardless of their own political ideologies out of respect for the office they once held. President Obama called Trump an “existential threat to America.” It doesn’t get more clear than that.

I wrote bits and pieces of this over the course of the week and I’m glad I waited to finish since I don’t have as much to say as I thought I would after the first two days.

Contrary to what I know some people think, I don’t like Biden politically for various reasons, some more obvious than others. The biggest one being his age. After that is the fact he is the previous vice president. The fact that he is a devout Catholic is also a giant red flag for some protestants and evangelicals who are wary of the Roman Catholic Church’s growing political influence in recent years under Pope Francis. I know that sounds perposterous to a lot of folks regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations but the Roman Catholic Church is also an independent, sovereign country as a reminder.

All that said. As a reminder I dropped my personal theory in my previous post Biden may not be planning to be in office the whole term should he be elected and will step aside to let Harris become president. I have no evidence or proof to back that up other than the fact he will be the oldest person ever elected president should he win in November. Consider it nothing more than speculation on my part.


Cameron, McConnell, Paul scheduled to speak at 2020 Republican National Convention | Politics |

The RNC had the misfortune of starting right after another high profile incident involving law enforcement and an unarmed Black man happened, this time in Wisconsin. A few days later, a 17 year old teenager from Illinois (who happened to be White) shot and killed two White protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin and shot off the arm of a third. The suspect was not arrested and allowed to return home. These two incidents are why the Sports World shut down for 48 hours this week.

…Murphy’s Law refuses to give Trump a break this year.

The restrictions due to COVID-19 made it far easier for the RNC to pretend current events weren’t happening…until these latest events happened this week obviously.

Everyone who spoke at the RNC basically said the same four things:

  1. “Trump is my friend and I trust him.”
  2. “Trump has the country’s best interests in mind.”
  3. “Biden will regulate everything again and restrict your freedoms.”
  4. “Biden’s crazy and doesn’t care about You/America/God/etc.”

…You basically hear these four things from everyone.

The 1,500 people “invited” to the White House for Trump’s speech…it’s obvious a large chunk of them were VERY uncomfortable with being there without a mask or Social Distancing. You’d think they were either coerced or were being held hostage.

It’s obvious just from looking that a lot of them were legit uncomfortable with being so close together knowing COVID-19 is still in play. It’s already well known all of them had to sign waivers basically stating they agree not to sue the campaign, RNC or Trump if they test positive for COVID-19. All this just so Trump could say “At least I did my speech in front of actual people.” I’ll just leave it at that.

The GOP successfully striking down key parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1968 several years back opened the door to a lot of the Voter Suppression we have been seeing in recent years. The baseless claims of Voter Fraud the GOP and their allies fabricate ahead of and during major elections speaks to how desperate they are to seize or stay in power.

Trump admitted last week he is trying to block Mail-in Voting in battleground states and Blue state specifically to help his campaign. Given the Sports World, companies and others with VERY deep pockets are stepping up to fill the gap Trump and the GOP is trying to widen, I’d say the playing field has been leveled.


Regardless and in closing. It’s STILL a matter of who will show up to vote. 60% of registered voters stayed home. I voted in person in 2016 and plan to do it again in November. It’s what I do. Who do I plan to vote for? You’ll find out on election day like always. LOL.


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Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his Running Mate for the 2020 Presidental Election

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden beefs: When the running mates clashed


…And thus, the end of the Trump Administration is nothing more than a formality. I’m just gonna put it like that.

U.S. Politics moved so fast for the last few weeks, I held back writing about stuff politics-related because I wanted to allow time for things to play out for a little bit. This bit of news forced me to comment though.

Let’s be real, Kamala Harris was the only real choice Biden had. Everyone else he had been considering didn’t have the two things Biden needed in a Running Mate: Campaign experience and someone who can be objective to him when need be. Basically, she will be to him what he was to Obama when he was Vice President. It also helps she knew his late son Beau Biden, who passed away in 2015.

Joe Biden recently referred to himself as “A Bridge Between Generations”. He is generally liked and respected across all age demographics regardless of political ideologies. The biggest thing working against him is his age–he’s 77 years old and will be the oldest person ever elected president–and this brings me to a second meaning to that phrase he may be eluding to.

I think Biden is not planning to be president for very long. I think this is an additional reason he specifically chose Harris, a former candidate as his running mate. He may be planning to step aside not long into his term so Harris can assume the office of president. She could then appoint her own Vice President to fill that vacancy. Mind you, this is just speculation and conjecture on my part. I have no proof or evidence this will happen but it is worth considering.

Right now, Biden’s primary focus is ending Trump’s presidency. All he has to do is not die at this point basically. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is yet another “Pick the Lesser of Two Evils” kind of election. Biden’s age is the biggest thing working against him followed by the fact that he is the former Vice President under Obama.

Picking a Black Woman as his VP does help him a lot as does Obama being in his corner. Combined, that should help Biden secure key voters he will need in several states to win by a large margin. Biden will need to win by a large margin to overcome the blatant Voter Suppression Trump and the GOP is not trying to hide they are already working to do.

Kanye West, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder several years ago is suddenly being pushed by the GOP to run for President. Republicans in Wisconsin are suddenly pushing to get him on the ballot which makes no sense of course. The real reason the GOP is trying to get him on the ballot is because they are desperate to siphon Black votes from Biden. Trump and the GOP knew Biden would likely pick a Black Woman so…yeah.

The thing the GOP clearly didn’t account for is most Black Americans don’t even like Kanye as a person. He hasn’t been the same since his mother died suddenly after a botched plastic surgery almost 15 years ago. That changed him almost overnight into a completely different person. Ask anyone who ran for any kind of political office in the last 20 years. When you get into politics, everyone is entitled to know everything about you. Kanye’s already a public figure so there’s little everyone doesn’t know about him. The GOP knows he has no chance of getting much votes and that is why this move makes no sense at all.

How Will Trump's Presidency End? - The Atlantic

Over the last few weeks, Trump finally publicly acknowledged he no longer has the stranglehold he had on the GOP four years ago. According to some White House insiders–I really wish we had names at this point–he knows he will not be re-elected or rather he is not expecting to win at this point. For all intents and purposes, his response to COVID-19 and unwillingness to take charge when America needed federal leadership the most ensured Trump would be a 1-term president.

The larger question is one journalists are starting to ask now: How will Trump react when the election outcome becomes official? That is the biggest mystery because no one but Trump really knows and it will stay that way until the day of and day after election day. Up until then, we can count on Trump to keep up appearances publicly. He has to for those who still support him even though it’s obvious to everyone else he knows his days as president are numbered at this point.

On that note. Trump has already wasted no time opening the playbook he used back in 2007 against Obama by accusing Kamala Harris of not being born a U.S. Citizen. No, really. Of course there is not truth to that baseless conspiracy theory–she was born in Oakland, California–and the media is rightly calling him out on it.

There has been speculation among the pundits Trump might replace Pence for the 2020 election but I don’t see that happening. He NEEDS Pence for the sake of appearances. Yes we know Harris will tear Pence to shreds in the upcoming debates–people will tune in just to watch that–but Pence has been loyal even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. Trump has no reason to replace Pence for that reason alone.

One thing of concern CNN reminded the country of early Wednesday afternoon is of those who are using Trump’s blueprint to run for political office via the Republican Party across the country. These are people who believe in absurd conspiracy theories including Qanon as well as unapologetic racists and bigots emboldened by Trump to run for elected offices nationwide.

This actually highlights how broken the two Political Parties are now and why every extremist or fringe voice using the party’s name to push their agenda should not be listened to, let alone supported. The GOP knew they would have to pay a heavy price when they chose to let Trump take over the party back in 2015. The question of weather the two short years they had of total, unchecked control of the Federal Government was worth the sure destruction of their party. Because you can be sure the hostile takeover of the Republican Party by Trump will drive many to call for a new party to be formed if they don’t leave themelves.

I can get those who would say this is nothing more than baseless speculation but it’s not baseless. I talk to folks who are lifelong Republicans or used to be of all ages and backgrounds from across the U.S. Most of them just want Trump’s presidency to be over. Almost all of them voted for him in 2016 and even those who still like him do not think he deserves a second term.

As for why, these current and former Trump Supporters I’ve spoken to have said they do not like what Trump has done to their party and do not like most of the people using the same methods Trump used to get into politics. Most of them also feel the price the GOP paid Trump for 2 years of absolute power was not worth it the irreparable damage to the party’s image and reputation. More so with all the consiracy theorists now running as Republicans to fast track their way into political office. They don’t want to look like the Democratic Party in short ironically.

All that said. The ones I spoke to are also undecided voters. They don’t want to give their vote to Trump again willingly so basically it’s on Biden and Harris to convince them to give them their vote. That’s the impression they left me with anyway.

All that said. Trump’s days as president are numbered. Regardless of your political views and weather you like him or not, that’s become more and more of a certainty at this point.


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The recent political unrest in the U.S. leads some African Americans to leave the country

Blaxit - Home | Facebook


It’s ironic I read an article about “#Blaxit”–the term inspired by “Brexit” obviously–after I’ve been thinking of leaving the U.S. myself for the last few years. Then I see an article about this on CNN’s website. The term is new but the practice is at least 200 years old. I mean African Americans electing to move to the African continent.

The reasons those who leave are few but unsurprising:

  1. Systemic Racism in the U.S.
  2. Political Corruption in the U.S.
  3. Wanting to learn more about Black History
  4. Don’t feel wanted or accepted in the U.S.
  5. Married someone from the African continent

There are a few but there are more. These are the biggest reasons based on what I’ve been reading online though.

It’s worth noting both Ghana and South Africa introduced an accelerated path to citizenship for African Americans a few years ago. In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests that followed, both countries are once again calling on African Americans to “come home”.

It’s one thing if someone makes the personal decision to leave the U.S. but it’s another thing for countries and Social Media to make marketing pitches to entice disillusioned and highly impressionable Black Americans to leave everything they know without knowing what they’re getting themselves into and all the prepwork that would need to be done first.

The fact that this is an aspect of thinly veiled Black Nationalism aside, most African Americans who do Emigrate from the U.S. are not going to the African Continent. In fact most are going to Mexico, Canada or Europe. There is a resort town on the west coast in Mexico that is home to around 15 Million African Americans as of this summer. Of course, White Americans are also leaving the U.S. but in much larger numbers and much more diverse reasons as well. Most who leave the U.S. elect to keep their U.S. citizenship though. It’s called Dual Citizenship and yes you can do that with most countries.

While there are no statistics on how many African Americans leave the U.S. for other countries each year–I’m surprised the racists are not tracking this actually–there is a significant uptick in African Americans leaving the U.S. in the aftermath of civil unrest or a race-related incident that gets national attention. George Floyd’s death is just one such example.

Getting back to the Black Nationalism phrase I mentioned before. Heh, just uttering it is enough to make any White Nationalist shudder and wound up at the same time. I view both Black and White Nationalism the same way personally: Equally wrong.

On that note. I have noticed more and more African American public figures are openly distancing themselves from the Black Lives Matter organization and there is a good reason for that. That’s because the BLM organization evolved from a movement to a political organization. Do your own research on that organization like many Black Public figures who do not support them did. They’re for the cause obviously but not the movement. That’s because they did their own research and they do not necessarily agree with some or all of what BLM is about and that’s ok. What’s NOT ok is to attack people who are for the cause but will not endorse BLM.

On that note, don’t let anyone who supports BLM tell you that you can’t support the cause without supporting the movement. I don’t support the movement but I do support the cause. Public Figures who do not support BLM but do support Black Empowerment have been and continue to do REAL work in communities but the media doesn’t give much time for that. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post in the future.

Ghana hopes 'Year of Return' will boost tourism. But caution is needed

What does all this have to do with Blaxit? Politicians on the African continent as well as Black Nationalists in North America both have the same agenda but are using different methods. In South Africa and Ghana, they’re looking to be the main points of entry back to the continent for those of African Descent whose ancestors were brought to the Americas via the Slave Trade. As for why, it’s for separate reasons.

In the case of Ghana in particular, it was the main exit for African Slaves bound for the Americas during the Slave Trade. The door you see above is so called because once for an African Slave you passed through that door, you would never be seen or heard from again. I won’t get into the history here but Ghana’s Year of Return initiative is an invitation to African Americans in particular to “Come Home”.

In the case of South Africa, it is the richest and most developed country on the countinent. It is also a Democratic nation and became an independent country in 1994. Everyone knows–or should know–about Nelson Mandela so I’ll leave it there. Like the U.S., South Africa had to deal with racism involving Black South Africans and White South Africans, the latter being descendants of Dutch colonists. The world’s first successful heart transplant took place in South Africa as a reminder so…yeah. South Africa still does have economic disparities along racial lines but it’s far more stable politically than other countries in the region.

Black Nationalists in North America sought a political revolution during the 60s, 70s and to a much lesser extent since then. They’ve moved their more extremist ideologies underground since the 1980s though some have used the Black Lives Matter organization as a cover to come out into the open and slowly spread their racist ideologies. Now they are looking to openly radicalize young African Americans via Social Media and the internet using populist movements as a cover. While most elements of Black Nationalism in the U.S call for forcefully replacing government officials at all levels with people of color who conveniently share the same ideology, there are also many who are calling for Blacks to “Return to the Motherland”.

On that last point. Folks need to understand something: There are not that many on the African continent who doesn’t know Black History from the Slave Trade to the Present. The Western World still believes those who live on The Dark Continent are ignorant of current events in the U.S. or have been prior to the internet. That kind of thinking is why most of the world rightfully assesses most Americans are ignorant and arrogant.

It’s not that people who live in what Trump called “Shithole Countries” think they have a better way of life than their counterparts in Europe and the Americas. It’s just that unlike those whose ancestors were taken elsewhere during the Slave Trade, where they came from and who they descended from is not in question. That’s the fundamental difference between Blacks on each side of the Atlantic. I will get into the history of how the Slave Trade impacted Blacks on both sides of the Atlantic and still does to this day in a future post.

This post went on much longer than I intended but I’ll wrap up quickly by saying this. The media recently noted a growing number of Americans of all backgrounds are “Fed up” and either leaving or planning to leave the U.S. in large numbers. The Pandemic still in progress and the Civil Unrest aside, folks are leaving for various reasons that built up over time.

While the idea of a real life Zamunda (Fictional African Kingdom from the movie Coming to America) or Wakanda (from Black Panther) sounds exciting and awesome, it’s also important to think of things realistically. It’s no secret ethnic racism between Blacks is an actual thing. Yes, I went THERE. I will cover it in a future blog post. Look forward to it.


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As of now, you can only enter 28 Countries with a U.S. Passport

A US passport used to be an asset. Under Trump it has become a ...

As of this month, a U.S. Passport is basically worthless outside a form of ID to enter federal buildings. Over 80% of the world has barred entry to anyone with a U.S. Passport due to COVID-19.

These are the 28 countries you can still enter with a U.S. Passport:

1. Albania | 15. Lebanon
2. Antigua and Barbuda | 16. Maldives
3. Aruba | 17. Mexico
4. The Bahamas | 18. North Macedonia
5. Barbados | 19. St. Lucia
6. Belize | 20. St. Maarten
7. Bermuda | 21. St. Vincent &
8. Croatia | 22. Serbia
9. Dominican Republic | 23. Tanzania
10. Ecuador* | 24. Turkey
11. French Polynesia | 25. Turks &
12. Ireland* | 26. Ukraine
13. Jamaica | 27. UAE*
14. Kosovo | 28. UK*

The bolded countries require a 14-day self-quarantine upon arrival so if you go to any of them, plan to stay for at least a month’s time.

It’s sad. The US passport was once considered the most powerful passport in the world. People need to understand something about what it means to use a passport internationally. The point of a passport is that a sovereign power vouches for its bearer but obviously, America can’t vouch for the health of all of its citizens right now.

To most of the world, Americans have a toxic reputation of ignorance and arrogance. I just mean in general. That makes Americans unwelcome travelers during this pandemic as the numbers continue to rise. Given the politics going on and the fact that this is an election year, that’s pretty understandable. The world is watching what is happening in the U.S. very closely.

Like most sane people in the U.S., they don’t understand why the world’s largest Economic Superpower leads the world in COVID-19 cases and deaths going on 3 months now. They don’t understand why at least 40% of Americans do not want to take any measures to prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19. They don’t understand why most of the country is trying to reopen while COVID-19 continues to worsen and spread faster. They don’t understand why COVID-19 has been politicized while it continues to ravage the country.

It’s ironic: Even before the Pandemic, the rising costs of getting a Passport alone has made it very difficult for anyone living paycheck to paycheck to afford to get one. This is in addition to months of waiting for the paperwork to be processed. The Federal Government has temporarily suspended issuing new passports and accepting new applications since the backlog of pending applications passed 1.5 million in April (!). No, really. Of course, the delay is due to COVID-19.

What this means for me is I will likely need to wait a few years before I can think of leaving the country. It also means every American with a passport in the U.S. right now can’t leave unless they are going to one of the listed 28 countries from the above list. Most of the world is closed to the U.S. at least until we get COVID-19 under control.

Most of the world has gotten COVID-19 under control by now. Countries with far less money than the U.S. quickly got it under control. Countries that are not as developed as the U.S. have reported no no deaths OR infections for months now. How and Why? It’s real simple: Unlike the U.S., they value human life. I’m just gonna put it like that. Yes they have the same economic stoppage the U.S. has but they have decided protecting human life is more important than making money.

Folks in the U.S. who only follow Corporate Media have NO CLUE how the rest of the world is doing with COVID-19 because they don’t want you to know. I follow the news in Japan, London, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia thanks to my Roku Device. Most Americans are ignorant of what happens outside their state, let alone outside the country. Many more arrogantly believe America is the greatest country on earth–it’s definitely not right now to be blunt–and refuse to hear otherwise. I’m just gonna put it like that.

THAT is why most of the world has closed their doors to America. I am angry because the actions of some means I’m stuck and I wanted to leave even before the current president was elected. As soon as I’m able, I’m going to leave the U.S. and not look back. That’s gonna take a few years so I’m not exactly in a rush personally.


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Here’s an Unpopular Opinion: Anything related to the Confederacy Belongs in Museums

Civil War Center, Confederacy Museum Merging | Entertainment ...

…More so given there already ARE some in the former Conderate States. This one is in Richmond, Virginia.

The Confederate Museum - Home

This one is in Charleston, South Carolina.


Louisiana's Civil War Museum at Confederate Memorial Hall – New ...

This one is in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Texas Civil War Museum | Fort Worth, TX 76108-1222

This one is in Fort Worth, Texas.

There are Civil War Museums all over the country. Museums mostly serve the same functions as libraries: They preserve knowledge from the past for future generations to learn from. Not just battles and wars one but those lost.

In the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, there is one such place: The Bunker Hill Monument and Museum. The 1,325 step stone structure has the same design as the one in Washington, DC but since this one is narrower, there is no elevator so the only way to the top is via the stairs. The view’s worth it though. The museum, which until a few years ago was at the base of the structure was moved across the street so it could have more space for just that purpose. Both are free to the public by the way.

It is worth noting The Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on nearby Breeds’ Hill, which itself no longer exists. The monument is a memorial and a testament to the lives sacrificed on the altar of freedom. The museum preserves the events of that era for the public to see. The Monument and Museum is funded with private donations on that note though they’re managed by the city.

…What does this have to do with the memorials and Statues related to the Confederacy? Well, like the title of this article says they ALL should be in Mueseums. Why this has been politicized, let alone is an issue for so-called scholars for literally decades makes no sense at all. Germany banned all Nazi-related symbols and propaganda outside of Museums after World War II. I’m sure it was an unpopular move for Nazi Sympathizers but it was the right move to make. Why then is doing the same for the Confederacy considered controversial? Putting them into musems is NOT “erasing history”.

You want to know how to erase history and culture? Here’s how conquerers did it in the past: Kill all the scholars, destroy all written records, burn all related temples, palaces or libraries to the ground and destroy all related artifacts or relics. Oh and they would arrest and/or kill anyone who would be a threat to the conquering forces as well. That’s the hard way. The OTHER way that’s more commonly used now is less messy but far more devastating: Forced Assimilation. Forcefully take the people from their culture or vice versa and replace it with another.

Did the Confederacy lose the Civil War? Yes it did. Did the Conderate States cedede from the Union because they did not want to give up Slavery? Yes, they did. Did Abraham Lincoln pardon the entire Confederate Army after the war ended? Yes he did. Did some Confederate Soldiers and former Slave Owners who didn’t want to accept the war’s outcome and their former way of life form the Ku Klux Klan? Yes, they did.

The fact of the matter is the ideology the Confederacy fought and lost a war over was not defeated after the Civil War. It would be fair to say until the United States confronts what is referred to by most historians as the country’s original sin head on and makes reparations–they did for the Japanese Americans who were forced to live in Internment Camps during World War II as a case example–this will never go away.

Now, it IS true most of this country’s founders owned Slaves. Most of them also expected Slavery to go away shortly after they were dead and buried and in fact, some freed their slaves shortly after the Revolutionary War and all arranged for their African Slaves to have their freedom when they died. I am 100% sure NONE of them intended for Slavery to be a part of this country almost 100 years after its founding.

Do I think this invalidates everything else they did? Absolutely not though context is everything. It’s true when they’re romanticized, the fact that they were slave owners is often left out because it makes them look like hyopcrites compared to everything else they did.

Sally Hemings: Thomas Jefferson's Slave And Mother To 6 Of His ...

Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of the United States had a Black girlfriend during the two and a half years he lived in Paris. This was after his wife Martha died, mind you. Her name was Sally Hemmings and she was the mother her six of his children (two died in infancy). DNA testing done on some of her living descendants in 1998 100% proved Jefferson was the father of one of her four surviving children. Documents and written accounts of the day from those who knew Jefferson and his estate state with certainty that he fathered all of her children.

Unsurprisingly, Jefferson’s White descendants denied the claims for the last 200 years despite the evidence but the DNA Testing done in 1998 proving he fathered some of her children changed things (“Hey, cousin!”). The REAL interesting thing: Sally Hemings’ father is John Wayles, who is also Jefferson’s Father In Law. That made Sally Hemings Martha’s half-sister (different mothers obviously). So, technically Hemings and Jefferson’s White descendants would STILL be related.

Sally Hemings herself was Quarter-Black (her mother was half-Black). When Jefferson asked her to come to his estate, she agreed under the condition her children be freed which he agreed to. Two in 1822, the other two released via his will when he died in 1826. Hemings herself was freed by Jefferson’s daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph shortly after he died.

…Crazy history, yes? Inconvenient truth? Absolutely. History some wished wasn’t true but is! What does this have to do with the rest of this article? It’s the same as the Confederate Monuments: It’s history and should be remembered. This is also why I said the Confederate Monuments should be put in Museums. Otherwise, they should have signage so future generations know the full context of why it’s there.


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I STILL can’t support or endorse The Black Lives Matter Movement and never will now

Five Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement From Home ...

Anyone who’s been following this blog and my main blog since at least 2015 should be WELL aware I voiced my skepticism of the Black Lives Matter Movement for many years. Even more so now I am feeling VERY uncomfortable with BLM and where it may be looking to steer things. While yes the Movement was initially started by three people, each chapter (Boston has one on that note) works independently from the others. They also mostly organize and plan online via Social Media. This is why whenever Corporate Media or the opposition picks up on things said at marches or demonstrations, it takes time for BLM to put out official statements.

The Movement is certainly more organized than it appears if you only follow news reports and soud bytes, I’ll give them that. As a reminder, a few years ago the White House wanted BLM to be designated as a Hate Group. Looking at glimpses of things most media outlets are now trying to avoid reporting or focusing on, there are legit concerns one can and should attach to the Movement.

Before I get into that, I want to make something clear: I don’t support the movement but I do support the cause the movement is about. I am obviously a Black Man so naturally I do believe Black Lives Matter.

…The problem is prior to George Floyd’s murder, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” itself required an explaination for most of White America to know it really means “Black Lives Matter Too”. There is no racism or racist agenda with the phrase itself. More recently, there’s “Defund The Police”. Of course, no one is saying there should be no law enforcement period. The problem is the damned phrase itself is intentionally provocative and…yeah.

I view BLM as a populist movement and that is why I can’t support it. I mentioned there are legit concerns. One is who the founders are. What their website conveniently leaves out–but can be found with a simple Google Search–is they studied Marxism and are unapologetic about their political views, which bleeds out when people with agendas of their own blend in with peaceful protesters.

They allowed the protests in the 20 days following George Floyd’s Murder to be partially hijacked by organized criminals, anarchists and people with their own agenda. Saying “We don’t condone violence against Law Enforcement or Property Damage” alone isn’t enough which the organizers are smart enough to know aready. They should also know Optics matter at the end of the day.

Like I just noted, protests and marches organized by BLM or done in their name have a tendancy of being hijacked by people or groups with agendas of their own. A lot of this is because they don’t have known visible leaders leading those events and how “open door” they are. Yes I know each BLM chapter has its own leadership including a media pointperson but the events have a tendancy to look like organized chaos on the outside. They need to train protest and march organizers with crowd control and media control so you don’t have the opposition and talking heads controlling the narrative. Yes actions speak louder than words and the easiest way to keep things focused is to separate yourself from the noise off the bat.


All that said. I recorded this 53 minute video to YouTube a few years back:

I obviously got pretty emotional in the first part of this video. Once I can make the time to do it and I have a new computer, I will record a followup to this video reflecting more recent events. I bet you weren’t expecting a musical interlude in there, did you?

As I said at the very beginning of the video, I’m not into Populism or Bandwagons. Like I also say later in the video, certain things are assumed when you just say “Black Lives Matter”. Yes black lives do matter but damn it, having to explain “I’m really saying Black Lives Matter Too” is what it really means and then being told “Why not just say that instead?” is a big reason why I am for the cause, not the movement.

Honestly–and this is obviously my opinion–but I think the BLM Movement has run its course at this point. The energy they harness and channel needs to be refocused into things and not just “Be seen and heard angry”. At this point it’s time to turn the corner. I have always observed BLM from a distance and learned from a very young age that I’m prettymuch immune to Herd Mentality. By that, I mean I don’t do something or take interest in something just because other people are doing it. You do you, I’ll do me in short.

BLM started out as very provocative on purpose. While they don’t condone violence or property damage, the response of many who march in their name in reaction to property damage was been “Now we have your attention” and to me that feels too much like an endorsement to rioting and looting. That’s how those who did those things clearly took it.

Listen. I have talked to people who peacefully protested last month. Some were arrested. Of those arrested, most of them were trying to stop actual looters and THEY were arrested because they happened to be there at the scene of the crime. The actual looters were long gone of course but fortunately, most of them had the charges dismissed. Listen. If you’re going to participate in a protest or demonstration and there is a very good chance you could be arrested–that seems to be the case with anything BLM recently–you need to ask yourself this: Will I have help with bail and/or legal representation? Even more so if you have a criminal record already. If your answer to one or both is no, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk or not. I don’t have a record but I am not willing to put myself in that kind of position unless I know I will be taken care of. I would want the same for anyone involved as well.

Moving on.

There are PLENTY of ways you can support the cause that have absolutely nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The biggest thing you can do is Vote, Vote and Vote. That is the biggest thing you can do to make a change especially locally. The opposition and the establishment are WELL aware most Americans don’t really give a damn about politics any more than Jury Duty and even more so these days.

In closing–and this is out of character for me–but I do think BLM has an agenda of their own in addition to what they’re about. I won’t pretend to know what that might be but like I’ve said, I’ve always been wary of the movement and whenever I get this kind of feeling, I’m always proven right sooner than later.

I will continue to advocate for Black and Brown bodies and more so since I happen to be one obviously. I will just do it in my own way. I was very careful with how I wrote this article to ensure I can’t be misquoted or quoted out of context. I support the cause but I want nothing to do with BLM personally.


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New travel restrictions from both Massachusetts and the European Union to know about

State Maps of New England - Maps for MA, NH, VT, ME CT, RI

Two big pieces of travel news Americans should be aware of as countries and U.S. states begin to reopen travel between boarders. First, the local info to be aware of. Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker announced a short time ago that if you do not come from the following states, you will be required to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine:


  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticuit
  • New York
  • New Jersey

If you come from one of these states, you are EXEMPT from doing a 14-day quarantine when you come to Massachusetts. New York, New Jersey and Connecticuit jointly announced last week that anyone coming from states with a 10% or greater COVID-19 infection rate–basically all of the Southern and Midwest states–will be required to undergo a 14-day Quarantine.

Why is the Northeast U.S. doing much better than most of the U.S.? We took it seriously off the bat. New York City was the epicenter for the entire U.S. as a reminder but they got it under control. The new epicenter? It’s a tossup between Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

Dr. Anthony Fauci–a member of the Corona Virus Task Force–spoke to a congressional panel this morning. He noted nationwide, U.S. infections have reached 40,000 a day. He also said if changes are not made, he wouldn’tbe surprised if U.S. Infections reach 100,000 a day sooner than later. If things reach that point, the country will likely collapse within a month’s time.

As one pundit put it, America is unflattening the curve. More good news from Massachusetts: For the first time since the Pandemic came to the U.S., ZERO deaths to COVID-19 were reported today. Sure there were 114 new cases and this is just one day but that is still encouraging news!


US left out as European Union reopens borders to 15 countries

Today, the European Union announced they will allow tourists and visitors from the following 15 countries:

  • Algeria
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Georgia
  • Japan
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Rwanda
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Uruguay

Noticably but at the same time unsurprisingly absent from ths list is the United States. Travelers from Brazil and Russia are also barred from entering Europe as well. It’s an indictment of the EU Nations’ opinion of the Trump Administration to say the least. I’ll just leave it at that.

The interesting thing about New Zealand is early on, they closed their boarders to all the rich white people from Europe and the U.S. looking to hunker down there. NZ was the first country to close their boarders to all international travel and quickly got things under control. They have also started to reopen travel with certain countries two months ago. They have had a grand total of 22 deaths and only 1,178 infected since this pandemic began.

What the whole world just can’t understand is why the United States, which accounts for 5% of the world population accounts for a fifth of all infections and all deaths to COVID-19 globally. It’s a REAL bad look when countries far less developed than the U.S. have such low cases and deaths, showing they got things under control very quickly.

The U.S. situation right now is what happens when there is no national plan or leadership. This is what happens when you don’t protect people and others from stupidity and selfishness. I’ll just leave it at that.


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Remember when some people said “Only Blue States are seeing large COVID-19 numbers” 3 months ago?

A second coronavirus wave isn't imminent—the first one never ended ...

…This map is as of June 9.

According to the raw data, four states in particular are projected to have COVID-19 contained by the end of the summer: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticuit and New York. Why? Because the governors of all four states are on the same page about how to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and have been since the Pandemic came to the U.S. Of these four states, only Massachusetts has a Republican governor.

Remember: By the end of March, New York City was the nation’s epicenter for the Pandemic. Infections and deaths in New York City have fallen so much since mid-May, they are now working on reopening in phases. What was the two popular refrains from the vocal minority who didn’t like the restictions put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19? “Only cities are getting hit the hardest.” and “There’s no big numbers in rural areas like there is in the cities.”

How quickly that tone and attitude has changed since the end of May.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 Presidental Election, I would not be surprised at all if we start to see travel restrictions in states that are now getting the upper hand against COVID-19 against those traveling from states that didn’t take it seriously from the beginning and still aren’t now.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticuit have already announced anyone coming from states with either relaxed restrictions or are seeing a surge in cases will need to self-isolate or self-quarantine for 14 days upon entry. I don’t blame them for doing that given too many people still want to be selfish.

On that note.

Trump insists he’s serious about wanting to stop all testing. “Less tests, letss positive cases” he argues. That’s just denying reality. You don’t need to watch, read or listen to Corporate Media to know all this. People are smart enough to make their own decisions.

Anyone who followed this blog since April 11 knows I tested positive for COVID-19 on that date. I felt sick the week and a half prior and assumed the sympthoms were unrelated. I had things from a fever to nosebleeds to an asthma attack prior to testing positive. “How do you know it wasn’t the Flu?” I got the Flu vaccine in December that’s how. I get it every year because I’m not an Anti-Vaxxer and I am a strong believer in “Prevention is better than cure.” in short. This past January when my mother got the Flu, I was fine when she got sick at the time.

Did I know, let alone think I had COVID-19 when I started feeling sick right after my birthday? Nope, and I had no reason to think I did until I found out I tested positive. I would’ve never known if I didn’t get tested. My mother didn’t want me to go to the hospital period because of all the fearmongering around that but I went and thank God I did because if I didn’t, I definitely could have unknowingly infected a lot of people in just my neighborhood since I walk everywhere.

If someone at the pharmacy I go to tested positive for COVID-19, I would want to know about it. If the mailman who comes to my house tested positive for COVID-19, I would want to know about it. If a member of my household tested positive for COVID-19, I would want to know about it. I assume all of these and more would apply to everyone readng this too. But no, Trump doesn’t want you to know who may or may not be COVID-19 positive because in his mind, “more testing = more numbers = makes me look bad”. No, really.

The only thing I agree with Trump Supporters on is people had to learn not to rely on the government for anything including information for the first time because of him. A lot of people on both sides of the political divide not only don’t know how to think for themselves but worse, don’t want to try.

One of the few things I agree with some of the bundits on Corporate Media on is unfortunately, both side have needlessly politicized this Pandemic. The Dems basically want the Science and Healthcare communities to run the countries while the GOP is basically looking to needlessly sacrifice lives for the sake of reopening the economy and Optics (Politics).

US vice president's office staff member contracts Covid-19

Vice President Mike Pence took point in today’s White House Briefing–the first in almost two months’ time. Trump, who resumed campaigning over the weekend after a 3-month hiatus due to COVID-19 was not present. It was pretty obvious Pence and Heath and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar’s opening comments that Trump made sure his words were heard in his absence regardless. Pence saying “It’s Encouraging News” half of the new cases are from people under 35 point to this. So was his basically blaming Millenials for spreading COVID-19 in recent months despite the evidence pointing to the lack of an actual plan to move forward. Pence also lied saying infection rates and an deaths have drastically fallen. It’s not true at all.

It’s like many former White House Officials put it: There is no plan from the Federal Government and that is NOT a good thing. Just the usual “Thoughts and Prayers” nonsense when more than just that is needed. Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 Presidental election, politically the damage to the credability of the Federal Government is probably irreparable at this point.

Coronavirus: President Jair Bolsonaro dismissive as overwhelmed ...

Getting back to the main topic.

This is a Mass Grave in Brazil, which is now #2 behind the U.S. in COVID-19 deaths and cases. Similar Mass Graves in Iran can be seen from space. It really is something else given conspiracy theorists who didn’t take this Pandemic seriously in the Western World collectively said “Wait until Summer comes. The Virus will quickly go away when it does!” Of course, reality says otherwise.

Those in politics who continue to ignore reality are revealing how little they care about human life. Even worse are those who insist on pushing divisive rhetoric to redirect away from their own failures. I’ll just put it like that. If the idea of Mass Graves in the U.S. scares you, it should. Because I do think we are not far from actually seeing that before the Presidental Election in November.

The recent surge in mostly Southern U.S. States is notable but unsurprising given many in those areas didn’t take it seriously from the beginning at best and outright ridiculed those who took it seriously at worst. Most of those in the Northeast U.S. took it seriously from the beginning so the falling numbers should come as no surprise.

I do think a lot of the travel restrictions in the northeast U.S. will be eased by Thanksgiving personally. The European Union announced earlier this week they will have travel restrictions in place for the U.S. indefinitely. It would be fair to assume how severe the restrictions will be depends on where in the U.S. we’re talking about.

I look forward to working again sooner than later personally. Contrary to some reports, those who recover from COVID-19 do have some immunity from it like any other virus. Anyone who gets a positive test after their initial positive test is getting a False Positive. Germany, Italy, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are just a handful of the many countries that have confirmed some of the rapid rests ARE faulty and can give a False Positive result. Then again, the way this virus spreads demands everyone behave like they already have it so…yeah.

Before I completely forget. If you’re in the U.S. and only get your news from CNN or Fox News and Social Media platforms, you’re still ignorant of what is going on in other parts of the world. In order to understand the larger picture, you need to find out what’s going on everywhere.


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Reminder: America’s founders feared a two-party system would tear the country apart

The Worrying Psychology of America's Two-Party System

…Yet, here we are.

I am very hopeful regardless of the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidental Election, the American people will make a serious push toward FINALLY breaking up the Democratic and Republican Parties. I’m not saying they will go away at once–that would be nice–but I think we will begin to  see the subtle but serious efforts to drain the power and influence of both parties.

Until the Summer of 2016, I was a registered Democrat. As I expained four years ago, I left the Democratic Party and became Unenrolled–basically, not affiliation with ANY political party–after the DNC and Corporate Media worked together to keep Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic Nomination and handed it to Hillary Clinton.

Trump winning was one thing but the larger story from the 2016 election that shouldn’t EVER be forgotten is 100 million voters–46% of Americans–stayed home. They did because they didn’t like either candidate. This is also why I said Trump won by default four years ago. Yes he won via Electoral Votes and lost in Popular Votes but he won because the majority of Americans DID NOT want Hillary Clinton as presiden a lot more than those who didn’t like him. It’s that simple.

The 2020 Presidental election will clearly be a different story.

Joe Biden could suspend his campaign RIGHT NOW and he would easily win in November for basically the same reason Turmp won in 2016: the majority of Americans do not want Trump to have a second term. Full Stop. It might not look it but Biden is clearly using Trump’s own 2016 campaign strategy against him: Let the other side make his came for him. That’s basically what Trump did in 2016. It won’t work this time because Trump is the incumbent and hasn’t done enough to convince the majority of voters to give him a second term.

Getting back on topic.

This might surprise most who’ve read this blog over the years but I actually do have some longtime friends who are Republican. Most Republicans and Conservatives are not as insane a the Dems and most of Corporate Media make them out to be either. You’d be surprised how much they have in commom with most Democrats actually on that note. In general, they hold the same concerns most Dems do who feel their elected officials are most interested in optics and keeping their corporate sponsors happy than doing their jobs. One thing both sides agree on is the majority of elected officials in both parties have forgotten WHO put them there and why.

This brings me back to the need for both parties being broken up. I don’t care about the order it happens personally but they need to be dismantled and broken up. Normally one would then say “What should replace them?” and my answer is nothing. Just get rid of the political parties and put the focus on the people, not the political parties.

There would naturally be no need for traditional primaries. Instead, you would have either the two candidates with the most votes or Challenger vs. Incumbent for all elections moving forward. You would hold elections to narrow the field down until there are two and then one winner regardless of political ideologies. Remove political parties and it stops becoming “Which political faction holds the most power in government?” like we currenty have in the U.S.

What do I mean by that question? Look at the State and Federal Supreme Courts. The executive branch (Governor or President) fills vacancies usually based on their own political ideologies first and their actual qualifications second. How would you feel if your political views were factored into weather or not you were hired for a job or considered for a promotion or not? That’s how it is with appointed Justices at the State and Federal levels.

As things stand now, we are not electing people but political parties at the State and Federal Levels. Political affiliations are far less of a factor at the Local level and that’s how it should be at the State and Federal levels. It’s not a hard concept to put into practice at all either.

More so in the last two decades, both Political parties have become less relevant but are desperately holding on to power. All the more reason they should be broken up. When a political institution’s priorities are maintaining the status quo, it’s time for it to go.



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