Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang announces the Launch of the Forward Party, a legit THIRD Party

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You know you’re on to something when literally everyone comes to kill it out the gate.

Despite the fact over 30 former Democrats and Republicans are backing the new party, the media eviscerated Andrew Yang in interviews he did Sunday afternoon one after another. It begs one obvious question: Why are they so afraid of the idea of a legit third party in America? Because it will mean the end of the Duopoly the existing parties have “enjoyed” for most of this country’s existence.

Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, the Forward Party is NOT “simply” a populist movement created on a whim. It is not a “go with the flow concept” that doesn’t stand for anything either. The fact that the Dems are aggressively attacking it out the gate betrays the fact the Dems really are not as open-minded as they want America and the world to think they are.

The interesting thing about the Forward Party is it came about to do what the Dems have so far shown an inability and unwillingness to do: Check the GOP and bring people together. The Dems betrayed their own base and the American people as a whole with such a hyper focus on appeasing the GOP, Kristen Sinema and Joe Manchin over the last 20 months. It’s gotten us nowhere fast.

It’s worth noting as of now, the Forward Party is not fielding any candidates in the 2022 Midterms. They are not expecting to either. The new party is going to kick off a listening tour next month and will hold its first national convention sometime next summer. Those are steps a new political party that is serious about building a solid foundation for the longterm does.

Unlike the Media, both parties and pundits I am in full “wait and see” mode in regards to The Forward Party. Also unlike them, I am obviously rooting for The Forward Party to flourish. They’ve gone public now and they know they need to grow. There is PLENTY of incentive to at least let them prove themselves. For one, they’re trying to take American politics in a new direction and shift the focus at the same time.

I have my suspicions on who might be willing to leave the existing parties for The Forward Party but we probably won’t see any major announcements until after the Midterms. Things should be interesting to say the least.



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Yes, Haiti is a failed state and here’s why America needs to actively monitor what’s going on there

Gang Violence Traps Thousands in Town Near Haiti's Capital

Haitian Law Enforcement has fighting an uphill battle with violent gangs every day on the streets of Port-au-Prince since the assassination of its president last summer. Haiti’s three most ruthless gangs have taken complete control of the capital and are now engaged in a massive war with each other for dominance.

All three gangs by themselves have Law Enforcement outgunned and outmaneuvered at every turn. The most Haitian police are able to do is venture into gang-controlled areas in armored vehicles to try to rescue the countless thousands of innocent people trapped in their own homes. The streets of Port-au-Prince run red with the blood of gang members, civilians and law enforcement alike.

I am in touch with two people on the ground in Haiti, one of which works as an interpreter. Both of them have said the gangs are the ones with real power and this has been the case for some time. It’s believed the gangs worked together to assassinate the president last summer to show everyone in the country no one is untouchable as far as they’re concerned.

That was when smuggler boats to points west and north of Haiti started getting built or expanded. Safe travel obviously not guaranteed, smugglers have been making a fortune off of Haitians desperate to flee the gang violence for safer shores. Both of my contacts have said those with the means have long since left by first crossing into the Dominican Republic and taking a plane from there to Europe, the African continent or the U.S. where they have family. Those without the means risk their lives on a smuiggler’s boat to the U.S. or Central America.

Some Haitians speculate the gangs plan to set up a puppet government while they hold the real power behind the scenes. The UN and the U.S. both need to step in militarily because if the gangs succeed in taking control of the country, Haiti could become a safe haven for international criminals. It could be even worse if Iran, Russia, China or another rogue nation decide to get involved. I could easily see a scenario in which these countries offer money and aid to Haiti in exchange for storing things, data or people they want to keep hidden from the UN and the U.S.

What the UN can do militarily and secure Port-au-Prince and establish permimeters to protect key infrastructures. I am well aware UN Peacekeepers already have a bad reputation in Haiti due to the actions of a few. I am also aware of the fact the Haitian government would normally need to ask the UN for help but that’s obviously not going to happen.

This is where the U.S. stepping in militarily might be the possible option and more so since it is a martter of national security. We cannot allow the criminal gangs free reign of Haiti. We also can’t offer assylum to all 11 million people in the country. This is where a military option comes in. We go in, deal with the gangs ourselves and then make it a Vassal State.

It would be far less costly than Afghanistan was and as a bonus, people will stop trying to go primarily to the U.S. Aside from rebuilding the Haitian government from scratch, Aid Groups would be able to freely do their work without having to worry about dealing a corrupt government known to tax aid brought into the country.

Yes, really.

The world became aware of this after the 2010 earthquake. The Haitian government temporarily suspended their Aid Tax so international aid could be brought in. As soon as they restored it, the aid stopped coming. How it works is basically, you have to pay a fee to bring relief supplies into the country. Those who can’t or don’t will have said goods seized by the government as “Contraband”. It’s believed tons of relief supplies from 2010 are still sitting collecting dust in government warehouses. They don’t care.

The U.S. is the only country in the region that can quickly deal with what’s going on in Haiti right now. The country is on the verge of collapse at this point and if something isn’t done, it’s going to become a massive humanitarian crisis that will make Ukraine look minor in comparison.



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All these GOP politicians calling for violence against government agencies, judges and officials need to be held accountable

Ace Attorney 5 Announced | Outcyders


Like I said at the end of my last post, the Republican Party is openly picking a fight with U.S. Government. Why? Because a Democrat is in the White House first and their interests are being treatened second. As far as they’re concerned, the Justice Department, Law Enforcement and so on are only corrupt when they don’t go after their political rivals (Democrats, etc.) or go after them. That’s their definition of “Justice” or “Injustice”.

This is also why they are feeding the extremists in their party with rhetoric calling for violence against not just Democrats but law enforcement, judges and now the FBI. Thursday afternoon, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a statement regarding the Search Warrant executed on Trump’s residence in Florida on Monday. The only reasons he commented publicly on it was because Trump himself confirmed it happened and the Right has been spreading baseless conspiracy theories second.

This is of course to say nothing of the fact the Far Right IS calling for violence and murder against Law Enforcement or more specifically, Federal agents and the judge who signed the search warrant. Before Garland spoke, there was an ongoing situation involving a guy in Ohio who tried to breach the FBI’s offices in Cinncinnati. He left something to the effect of a suicide note on Trump’s social media platform–including a call to arms–after leaving the scene and was later killed in a shootout with law enforcement.

This is Domestic Terrorism just so we’re clear.

I talked about this in detail in the previous post but the Right and the many Far Right groups with similar interests who are on the move in all 50 states want to dismantle the current government and replace it with an Authoritorian Autocracy or a Theocratic Autocracy.

The response from the GOP was summed up quite nicely by one pundit on CNN this afternoon: The Three Ds.

  • Deny: Refute facts and accountability.
  • Deflect: Redirect negative public and media scrutiny with Whataboutism and Bothsidesism.
  • Destroy: Publicly attack the media, government officials, witnesses and other relevant parties in efforts to discredit all sources.

It’s the same playbook they’ve been using well before Trump though he greatly improved it.

All that said, more acts of Domestic Terrorism by people on the Far Right should be expected in the days, weeks and months to come. The GOP has no offramp they can take because the extremists won’t allow allow them to get off. Not even the more hardline establishment Republicans want to see people get killed but they know they can’t stop if they don’t want to be targeted by their own base. In short, they’re in a lose-lose situation. And they know it.

An investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents is huge


As I was writing this, news broke some of the documents in Trump’s possession that the FBI was after has to do with information about nuclear weapons. What we don’t know–yet–is if this about nuclear weapons belonging to a rogue state, allies OR the U.S. Trump is known to be VERY careless–he has an FBI informant in his inner circle after all–and the obvious next question any reasonable person to ask is who else knew about those documents and where they were?

I don’t need to spell out how bad to WORSE this potentially is depending on whose info that was. As president, he would have access to this information while he was in office.

Here’s a quick overview of the potential implications:

  • If the intel was about a rogue nation’s nuclear weapons, the question would be what was he planning to do with that information? He could easily leverage that data with the country in question for money or more likely, safe haven from the U.S. Government. He could also offer it to a third party nation for the same reasons.
  • If the intel was about an ally’s nuclear weapons, the question is the same more or less. He could sell that infornation to a rogue nation for either money or safe haven.
  • If the intel is about the U.S.’ nuclear weapons, that is the obvious worst case scenario. Not just in regards to rogue nations but people here in the U.S. looking to cause chaos.

…Of course, any or a combination of the three will be a major headache for Biden to deal with. If it’s a rogue nation, they will want to know if the U.S. is actively planning something. If it’s an ally, it makes the U.S. look careless and more so given how disliked Trump was as president around the world. If it’s our own intel, the question Congress, nevermind the DOJ would DEMAND to know is what was Trump planning to do with that information.

News jusr broke minutes before midnight Thursday night Trump announced via his Social Media that he will not oppose the DOJ unsealing the warrant the FBI used to search his Florida home. Garland called his bluff and Trump was forced to give his approval. He has a copy of the warrant–it’s required by law–among other things so he already knows what it says.

Trump is going to find out how it feels to be on the wrong side of a Federal criminal investigation real soon. Now that Trump has publicly announced he will not contest the warrant being publicly released, the rest of us should know the contents by Friday afternoon the latest. This is the beginning of the end of Trump and that will be made more obvious when you start seeing GOP politicians and candidates stop publicly talking about him. It’s coming SOON.

As the saying goes, the longest rope has an end.

Minneapolis police station torched, other buildings burn amid George Floyd  protest | Fox 59

Two years ago, a Minneapolis Police Station was burned during protests after the death of George Floyd.

Today, sitting Republican politicians are accusing Law Enforcement and the DOJ of being corrupt simply for doing the jobs. It’s like I said above: As far as the GOP is concerned, the DOJ and Law Enforcement are only corrupt when they don’t go after their political rivals or go after them.

Far Right groups are on the move in all 50 states heeding the call of the guy in Ohio to target Law Enforcement and the Legal Community at all levels. Keep in mind the GOP is silent as Domestic Terrorists are actively planning attacks against people just doing their jobs. “Kill all Feds!”? Are you kidding me? They need to learn what it means to fear the Feds clearly.

The GOP is and has been for political violence for decades. This was true long before Trump came along.  I do agree with moderates who say most Americans don’t like political extremists from either side but for a VERY long time, the Right has been plotting to take over the country. The eyes of most were opened after Roe v. Wade was struck down, something no one thought would actually happen.

That changed things for a lot of people. I’m seeing it in the streets. People don’t want the government coming in their bedrooms or bodies. No one wants Ultra Conservatives telling them what books their children to read or telling their kids’ teachers what parts of American history they’re allowed to know about. No one wants political violence. The GOP is for all these things and much more.

There is no Leftist equivalent and there never was. It’s easy to forget that Martin Luther King Jr. was called a Communist and a Marxist long before he spoke out against the Vietnam War. The GOP sanctioned discrimination against Immigrants, Hispanics and Muslims in general a few decades ago because legally, they can no longer openly persecute Black people. Full stop.

More people are also starting to wake up to the fact the GOP wants to rule, not govern. They made the politically fatal mistake of pissing off Vets nationwide with their (brief) opposition to a Burn Pits bill on a technicality. You can’t do that and claim to support Vets or the military. Not anymore at least.

TV Ads exposing the fact the GOP wants to get rid of social safety nets like  Medicare and Social Security–which they have long referred to as “Entitlements”–have also been running. Don’t forget it was only 4 years ago Trump proposed cutting SNAP Benfits in half and giving everyone a box of non-perishable foods instead. Fortunately for those of us who do receive SNAP Benefits, that ultimately did not happen.

People like to hold up 2 Thessalonians 3:10 which says in part “If anyone will not work, neither should they eat” to justify eliminating Social Services at every level. That verse is one of the most misapplied ever by people who like to say “The Bible says this” to justify being cold-hearted.

At the end of the day they don’t care about the disabled, elderly, pregnant, those with young kids, physically sick, homeless, incarcerated, poor and anyone else who’s suffering or struggling. That’s basically what they’re saying without saying it. They don’t want their tax dollars being wasted on “lazy” people but it’s a different story when it’s them of course. People who lose everything in a disaster typically have a small window to file a claim and for most, what they do get doesn’t go far enough to recoup what they lose.

I tell this story to people a lot because it speaks to the double standard of many on the Right. In 2016 when I paid a visit to a certain Massachusetts office for the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), I observed a man ranting and raving, saying things like “everyone here is lazy” and “I can’t wait until Trump is president so he can get rid of this”. The man was White and most in the waiting area–including staff–were Black or Hisanic. Having heard enough I guess, a (black) woman sitting next to him turned to him and asked him “Well, why are you here then?”. He turned to her and replied “This is just temporary”. Almost everyone in the room erupted into laughter.

I share that story with people to make this point: Social Services, also referred to as “Welfare” Programs like SNAP and WIC are the reason you don’t have to worry about people trying to break into your home every day. Non-profit organizations like Project Bread are why America is not like Ethiopia, Afghanistan or The Philippines where kids die of starvation every day. Food banks exist to help families regardless of their financial status survive.

The GOP has spent decades dismantling the Middle class because the idea of people in need being helped with Tax Dollars makes them sick. Actually wait I take some of that back. Social Security is NOT funded with federal or taxpayer money. It never was yet they have made it their #1 goal for decades getting rid of it along with Medicare.

THIS is why there are now TV ads trying to warn millions of Americans who will be directly impacted of the reality that is coming their way. This is not the time be distracted. Now is the time to stand up to those who want to tear the country apart.

The irony of Trump’s words before he unleashed his supported on the U.S. Capitold is so apparent now ironically: If you don’t fight, you won’t have a country anymore. They are fighting to take this country. The question to the rest of us is will we let them or not?


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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban to CPAC in Dallas: “They hate you more than you hate them”

CPAC 2022: Trump among key conservatives descending on Texas with eyes on midterm elections | Fox News

If this wasn’t a blatant call to arms to a Republican Party that has embraced Fascism and Authoritorianism, I don’t know what is.

After Trump became president, the Republican Party has stopped pretending to give a damn about decency or the fellow man. It’s not just the Far Right anymore and that was made clear when the RNC declared “Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election” as its official stance as a party last year. Yes, really.

The GOP has certainly been following in Trump’s footsteps by openly cozying up with Viktor Orban, Vladomir Putin and other White Male autocrats in other countries. 100 years ago, America was considered a melting pot as the country basically had an open door policy for everyone from Europe to come to the U.S. mostly via New York. By Melting Pot I mean assimilate. By assimilate, I mean foresake the culture, language and in many cases the name you were born with. America’s Immigration policy tightened in the years leading up to World War II though.

Fast Forward to the present. For the first time in American history, White are a minority denomination and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. This was also the case when the country was founded technically. There is a racial component to this that cannot and should not be overlooked or ignored. The fact of the matter is this country was founded and designed to favor some and discriminate against others. I’ll just put it like that.

I recently watched a few documentaries available on Amazon Prime Video. I specifically watched White Savior (2019), Marketing The Messaiah (2020) and The Uncomfortable Truth (2017). The first two movies give a deep dive into the “business” if White Christian Culture. They shed light on WHY some Ultra Conservatives want to turn America into an Autocratic Theocracy. The third movie breaks down how and why America is it has been to now is working exactly as intended. It’s not hyperbole or an exaggeration when you look at the fact America is on the fast track to Civil War.


Russia Ukraine Conflict: What is Russia Ukraine Conflict Reason? Russia Ukraine Conflict News & Updates | The Economic Times

That brings me to the Conflict in Ukraine. As a reminder, Putin told the world in the weeks leading up to the invasion in February he doesn’t believe Ukraine should exist as an independent country, people or culture.He claims the conflict in Ukraine is a “Special Operation to De-Nazify Ukraine”.

The hypocrisy given Ukraine’s president Vlodomir Zelensky is himself Jewish should not be lost on anyone. Putin wants the Russian people and the world to believe the most powerful Democracy in Eastern Europe is run by Nazis and as he has repeatedly said, “You can’t reason with Nazis. You can only destroy them.” In short, Russia has engaged in a war of extermination against Ukraine.

It’s not simply about taking pieces of real estate. The people of Ukraine are literally fighting for their survival and their right to exist independently from Russia. I do think it’s only a matter of time before other countries get involved militarily. Russia has lost over 30,000 soldiers since the conflict began and it’s believed to only be a matter of time before the Russian people revolt.

Many Russians–especially those who lived through the Cold War–have been thoroughly brainwashed by State-Controlled media outlets that are not allowed to tell the truth. It’s literally against the law to call the war with Ukraine a war in Russia.

What does Russia’s genocide in Ukraine have to do with the GOP? Over the last 12 or so months, the GOP has started using similar wording to describe Democrats and the Media. They are laying the groundwork to justify stripping away the civil rights and human rights of the overwhelming majority of Americans who disagree with them.

Civil War IS coming SOON. Full stop.


Malcolm Nance on violent extremism and the war in Ukraine - WHYY

This is Malcolm Nance. He’s a former naval officer who also went on to work in U.S. Intelligence. He’s been stepping up appearances on Mary Trump and Michael Cohen’s podcasts in recent months as well as on MSNBC in an effort to reach the ears of anyone who will listen.

When he’s not making podcast or media appearances, Nance–a former Marine himself–is on the ground in Ukraine as a member of Ukraine’s Foreign Legion. Unlike Western Media, he doesn’t hold back graphic details of what is going on in Ukraine…and why it should have the full attention of everyone in America.

Nance has intimate knowledge of not just Russia’s playbook but China’s, Myannmar’s, Hungary’s, North Korea’s Iran’s Syria’s and others’. He used to work in U.S. Intelligence is why. Regardless of your politics, that makes him an extremely credible source of info. Fortunately for the majority of us, he has no problem sharing what he knows publicly (without divulging classified information of course) as well as insights into what may be in store for America in the near future.

First and foremost, his topics of speciality are the military, law enforcement and intelligence. He has longtime experience in all three is why. In some of his recent interviews with Michael Cohen and Mary Trump, Nance publicly revealed all 6 branches of the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Space Force) have White Supremecists embedded in them so deeply, it will take two generations worth of time to completely remove them and their influences from the military.

It’s even worse in Law Enforcement. It’s not exactly a secret these armed White Nationalists and Supremecists in general encourage their followers, adherents and allies to join the military or law enforcement for the specialized training. Not necessarily for the weapons training but the more specialized training in urban warfare, military tactics and advanced first aid that members of the military are required learn.

This is also why the White Nationalists are openly trying to recruit active military and vets who were in Iraq and/or Afghanistan in particular, mostly online. They are preparing for armed conflict in all 50 states as we speak. In their minds, 1/6/2021 was just the beginning.

Who does an American Civil War benefit the most? Russia and China. Russia invaded Ukraine and now China is looking to invade Taiwan at he drop of a hat. Pelosi’s visit to the island last week was a convenient excuse as far as China’s Xi Jinping is concerned.

As a reminder, Putin wanted Trump to be president in 2016 and 2020 obviously) because Putin knew Trump would keep America distracted while he planned for the eventual invasion of Ukraine. Putin wanted Trump to win again in 2020 because he knew Trump would not allow the U.S. to get directly involved with Ukraine and NATO would have been worried about Trump feeding intel to Putin.

At the very least, Ukraine probably would have fallen to Russia within two or three months. Russia would have just carpet bombed the entire country off the bat or maybe even used Tactical Nukes. Then they would have gone into Moldova and likely the Baltic States, forcing NATO to commit to armed conflict with Russia–World War III–having assurances from Trump the U.S. would stay out of it.

China was wary of Trump as president and more so knowing he’s a Xenophobe. When COVID-19 broke out, apparently there were legit concerns within the Chinese government that Trump might order a nuclear strike in retaliation against China. When Biden took office, that was a considered a return to the status quo at the very least. While it IS true Trump’s “friendship” with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un kept that country pacified, it was also unnerving for Japan and South Korea.

If Trump won in 2020, China probably would have still helped keep North Korea in check for the sake of regional stability. At the same time, China would have had a free and open path to forcefully annexing Taiwan knowing Trump wouldn’t care and no one else could possibly stop them. Xi Jinping is probably going to try to make a play for Taiwan around the time of the 2022 Midterms when America would be distracted the most by the Midterm Elections in November. He’s desperate for a political victory at home is why.

All that said. Autocracy is on the rise around the world and in America in particular. I’ll just put it like that.


Yes, Trump Could Run for President From Prison in 2024

It’s looking more and more clear Trump IS going to face criminal charges and likely before the end of the year. Like Alex Jones, it will be a series of things that will see him in court and likely behind bars. The 1/6 Committee knows they’ll likely be disbanded when the GOP retakes control of one or both houses of Congress after the midterms in November. This is to say nothing of Liz Cheney projected to lose her seat in Congress in an upcoming primary election and Adam Kinzinger not seeking reelection for similar reasons.

The 1/6 Committee being broken up won’t stop the Department of Justice’s separate investigation though and that is exactly who the 1/6 Committee is beginning to put pressure on. Talking to CNN last week, Liz Cheney unemphatically said the DOJ must indict Trump to prove no one, not even a president is above the law.

I do agree with those who’ve said Trump will not be viewed as a martyr to his base and more so given the movement he started no longer needs him. At the same time, it IS true Trump tried to overthrow the government on 1/6/2021 as the hearings revealed this summer. The ONLY reason it failed was because some refused to go along with it.

Will people riot in the streets when Trump is indicted? Of course not. What we can and should expect to happen is violent retaliation though. The GOP’s entire platform since Trump left office has been making the case why he should not be in prison where he belongs.


FBI searches Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, seizing documents

On a related note.

Monday evening, the FBI executed a search warrant on Trump’s residence at Mar-A-Largo in Florida. Mind you, Trump was not there at the time. He stays in New York during the summer. Trump definitely DID know the FBI  was going to his Florida home in advance but it’s not stopping him–or the GOP on that note–from trying to profit off the publicity.

The GOP’s response? Parrot Trump’s whining–Pence included. Even more chilling and hypocritical was the response from Ultra Conservatives, some of whom began to gather outside Mar-A-Largo to protest: “Defund the police!”

Yes, really.

The hypocrisy and double standard should not be missed here. What they’re REALLY saying is they want a separate set of rules for them. Fox “News” wasted no timing pushing fearmongering hard since word broke by claiming “Biden and the Dems have weaponized the FBI”.

Yes, really.

Again, its ironic and VERY hypocritical. Everyone else in the media has been right to call it a big political moment for the GOP ahead of the midterms. I would move up the start of Civil War from the 2024 election to the 2022 midterm elections at this point. Why? Because of reports Trump WILL for sure be indicted by the end of this year.

Pence outed himself as still loyal to Trump with his comments of the FBI search of Trump’s Florida home Tuesday afternoon. The hopes of some Democratic strategists and Podcast hosts of serious infighting within the Republican Party is still in play. Signs of legit fractures between establishment GOP and Trump seem to have quickly vanished but that is only temporary.

The GOP raging against accountability IS legit though.

According to the latest reports out of Florida, the Department of Justice has an informant in Trump’s residence and it was based on that intel that they executed the search warrant. You remember all the talk and speculation from Cohen, Trump’s niece Mary and other implying Trump may have been using his position and access to classified information for profit.

I mean selling classified information to other countries. We don’t know the details–yet–but from it sounds, DOJ’s informant contacted the FBI and told them to step in ASAP. It’s been known for some time Trump took some classified documents with him to Mar-A-Largo when he left office last January. Documents the National Archives has been asking Trump to return for over a year now. The FBI’s search warrant was specifically to recover those documents.

Trump’s (current) attorneys know criminal charges ARE coming soon. He also will not be the only one taken down. GOP Members of Congress in particular who up to now have balked at the idea of cooperating with the 1/6 Committee are themselves going to get a reality check VERY soon.



Folks need to understand something: This is not the same Republican Party from the 1970s and earlier. The GOP’s only concern since the 1980s has been to segregate and marginalize people as much as they can. Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” was the first major the GOP sold to the public to justfy the ultra rich being allowed to not pay taxes, companies being legally considered people and money free-flowing into elections.

Remember: Until the late 1980s, most of the media outlets were owned by dozens of different people or entities. Now, 5 to 7 MEGA companies own or control what 80% of the world reads, listens to or watches.

Over the last 14 years in particular, the GOP’s only concern has been “owning the Libs”. The ONLY thing they really care about other than that is whining, taking away rights or opportunities and saying “America is a great country” or “America is the greatest country is the history of the world” which is ironic given their actions always show otherwise.

What am I talking about? Here’s a short list of what some Far Right Republicans have been openly calling for:

  • Expand 2nd Amendment Rights without limits
  • Restrict and eventually outlaw voting for most
  • Suspend Habeas Corpus (You can be locked up indefinitely without ever seeing a judge)
  • Public Executions
  • State-Sponsored Bounty Hunting
  • Privatized Military and Police
  • Take away the Civil Rights of Muslims, anyone LGBTQ+ and Democrats
  • Revoke citizenship of Naturalized Citizens from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and parts of Southeast Asia, deport them to native countries
  • Mass Arrests for Political Dissidents
  • Strict Immigration Policies
  • Progagandized Primary and Secondary Education
  • Propagandize the News Media
  • Federal Abortion Ban
  • Build a Fortified Wall along the U.S.-Mexico Boarder
  • Endless Defense Spending Budget

Remember Donald Trump’s words on 1/6/2021: “If you don’t fight like hell, you won’t have a country anymore.”

That was a call to arms heeded not just by those who descended on Washington but millions more nationwide. They are playing for keeps if it isn’t obvious already. More so given there are thousands of Republians in office on their side.

For context, 1/6/2021 is not considered a “failure” just because they didn’t get to kill Pence or members of Congress. Not by them, U.S. Intelligence OR Law Enforcement. Neither should the majority of us regardless of politics. They want to use violence and intimidation to achieve their goals. The end justifies the means as far as they’re concerned.

This is not Hyperbole or feamongering. Just look at what’s being said every day on Fox “News”, Newsmax, OAN, Info Wars, Conservative Podcasts and at public events held by most Republicans. They claim “America is great!” while also demonizing Democrats in the same breath. The claim to support the Military and Law Enforcement but only when it’s convenient for them. It’s not concenient for them to do that now because they know they’re in the wrong.

Don’t believe the False Equivalency nonsense that is being aggressively pushed by Trump or that there is a “Radical Left” being pushed by most Republican politicians. It’s all coded language they made up for their base to latch on to without having to explain themselves. All they want their base to know is “Republicans, Good. Democrats, Bad. God is on our side, Democrats worship Satan”.

I will not stop saying these things on the blog because I don’t want anyone to later say they didn’t hear about it from somewhere.

Why isn’t Corporate Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, WaPo and others not giving the leadup to Civil War the correct context and attention it should be getting? I’ll get into that in my next post but in short, drama = money.

This isn’t to necessarily say all journalists and reporters are bad. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got deep pockets you can forget about competing with media outlets that are also owned by companies that control 80% of what the world watches, reads or listens to.


The Oklahoma City Bombing — FBI

I want to end with this because for those who might not know or remember, this was the end result of the last time the GOP attacked the Federal Government on a regular basis leading up to it. Six years before 9/11, this was the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil.

April 19, 1995.

A truck bomb was used to shear off a third of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. 168 people were killed including 19 children who were at a daycare center in the ground floor. Another 500+ were injured. The destroyed building was later demonlished, a memorial park built in its place in honor of those who died.

Timothy McVeigh, an Army vet with ties to the Far Right anti-government militia group Patriot Front was arrested, charged, found guilty and sentenced to death. His execution was carried out months before 9/11 happened. A second man, Terry Nichols was also arrested, charged and sentenced to life in prison but it’s believed there are others still out there with inside knowledge of the planning of the bombing.

The prosecutor who headed the case? Merrick Garland, the current U.S Attorney General. Garland, who was later nominated by former president Obama for the U.S. Supreme Court is known to be meticulous and precise in his work as a prosecutor. Just like now, at the time there were serious questions about if he was taking things seriously due to the lack of information.

Then, news broke a few days after the bombing it wasn’t middle eastern suspects like the Right claimed (with no proof of course) but a home grown American who had been radicalized by Far Right groups. McVeigh wasn’t mentally ill either. The attention to detail with how he carried out the bombing makes that clear. He had the skills needed to pull it off and he did it, full stop.

Why am I making the point to talk about this? Because right after McVeigh was was arrested, there were legit concerns whoever he was connected to might carry out additional bombings or even attempt to assassinate Democratic politicians including then president Bill Clinton. That’s because investigators didn’t believe McVeigh acted alone due to the level of detail from getting the materials to carrying it out.

Fast forward to now.

If you’re not seriously thinking about people in the Republican Party calling for violence against Democrats doing another Oklahoma City-like attack in the current political climate, don’t be surprised when it eventually happen because it will.

Such an attack would be much easier to pull off–and I mean several in a small amount of time–now compared to 1995. More so given many Republican politicians and public figures are advocating violence against Democrats and those who vote for them.

The GOP went past the point of no return politically when Roe v. Wade was struck down two months ago. The party has fully embraced Fascism and Authoritorianism thanks in large part to Trump. They can no longer backtrack because as a reminder, they legit fear their own base. I don’t just mean they fear for their jobs but they fear for their lives. And the same base they rely on to keep them in power knows it.


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Alex Jones gets thoroughly DESTROYED in Court, Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies now getting involved

Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook massacre was "100% real" as he testifies at  defamation trial - CBS News

Man oh man, I need more popcorn for this one. More so knowing this MONSTER probably has criminal charges to look forward to after this CIVIL trial is done. I first found out about this evil bastard right afrer the Sandy Hook mass shooting when CNN made the mistake of giving him an hour on Primetime TV at the time.

In the 10 years since Sandy Hook, it’s believed Alex Jones has made over $200 Million pushing the lie Sandy Hook (and other mass shooting events) was staged. Before Sandy Hook, Jones was already a well-known and established peddler of bizarre conspiracy theories. The difference is Sandy Hook happened AFTER a 20-year asault weapons ban expired.

Again, conspiracy theorists allege Mass Shooting events are what they recently started calling “False Flag” Operations. In other words, they allege Mass Shooting Events are a hoax.

Far Right conspiracy theorists assert Mass Shooting events are orchestrated by the U.S. government–specifically by Democrats conveniently–as part of an elaborate plot to “take away everyone’s guns”. They claim–without proof or evidence of course–no one really dies in Mass Shooting Events, the grieving families are really paid “crisis actors” for the media and the victims never existed.

Yes, really.

This vile, perverse conspiracy theory didn’t really take off until Alex Jones amplified it via the far right media empire he created, Info Wars. He not only profited off this conspiracy theory–to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars–he inspired terrorism against the victims’ families of those killed in Mass Shooting Events by encouraging his audience to “expose the Crisis Actors as the frauds they are”.

How so? Encourage them to contact the victims’ families directly and make them confess to being paid crisis actors hired as part of an elaborate hoax by Democrats to “take away everyone’s guns”. There have already been several arrests and lawsuits WELL before Jones’ turn finally came. Laws have been passed in several states granting Protected Status to victims’ families and survivors of Mass Shooting Events. This was done to make it a hate crime to harass victims’ families and survivors of Mass Shooting Events.

Yes, really.

A decision was reached this afternoon on Jones’ Defamation Lawsuit by two of the families of Sandy Hook victims. They asked for $150 Million. The judge granted them $4.1 Million. It’s worth noting Jones has other similar pending lawsuits against him awaiting him. In recent years, Jones has filed bankruptcy several times but no one seriously believes he’s broke. The real concern is Jones is trying to stall for time so he can stash as much of his money as possible to avoid paying a dime.

Jones’ problems are set to get worse after today: He was not only caught lying on the stand–and exposed on the spot of course–but criminal charges are likely coming because of his own attorney. What happened was the plaintiffs had demanded certain cellphone and text info from Jones via his attorney for quite a while. Jones’ attorney gave the plaintiffs’ attorneys a “dump” of data from at least the last few years without reviewing it first. Data multiple law enforcement agencies AND the 1/6 Committee would like to get their hands on. Jones, who is a hardcore Trump supporter let on in his “show” he may have inside knowledge of some of the planning that went into the events of the 1/6 capitol attack.

Before the decision was made, Jones requested the judge declare a mistrial because of his attorney’s mistake. Of course, the judge declined. Now Jones is sweating bullets knowing more defamation lawsuits are the LEAST of his immediate and future concerns. I am extremely pleased to know his empire of lies and misinformation will soon be silenced for good. It’s just a matter of weather he’ll go to prison, an insane asylum or commit suicide. We’ll see.



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The World Health Organization declares Monkeypox a Global Emergency

2 children diagnosed with monkeypox in the U.S., officials say | PBS  NewsHour

When news of this viral outbreak started going around in May, no one was really concerned because vaccines for it are and have been available for several decades now. The Smallpox vaccine can also be used to treat it for reference. The reason the Monkeypox virus is getting so much attention internationally is because the overwhelming majority of those who have been getting infected are Gay men.

It’s been bringing back memories of HIV/AIDS fro the 1980s for some including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was in charge of the U.S, response to the AIDS Pandemic at the time. Back then, HIV was quickly dismissed in the U.S. and Europe by Evangelicals and Conservatives as “The Gay Man’s Disease” despite the fact the overwhelming majority of people who were getting infected and dying were actually Heterosexual men and women on the African continent. Like the Monkeypox virus, HIV/AIDS was the result of Zoological Transmission. The virus mutated to infect humans.

Until the early 2000s, HIV/AIDS was prettymuch a death sentence and the cocktail of antivirals developed to treat it only extended your lifespan at the most. There was quite a lot of fear around it and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and South America in particular. By the early 2010s, powerful antiviral treatments were developed and by the mid-2010s, the first working vaccines were available.

Yes, there are vaccines for HIV and AIDS. There have been for at least the last 8 years now. So, the Whataboutism around the COVID-19 Vaccines being quickly developed while there is no HIV or AIDS vaccine is a myth. Those who push that rhetoric simply don’t know how to use Google I guess. It’s no longer a death sentance and the vaccines are being distributed to regions where they are needed the most.

Getting back to the Monkeypox Virus. The timing really sucks in the U.S. especially as Conservatives and the Far Right are looking to roll back and dismantle LGBTQ+ Rights next. In the minds of many GOP members of Congress such as Marco Rubio, voting to shore up LGBTQ+ Protections is “A waste of time”. Like HIV/AIDS, they simply dismiss the Monkeypox Virus as “The Gay Man’s Disease”.

The LGBTQ+ Community is right to be legit concerned about having access to healthcare and compassion in the midst of the Monkeypox virus. COVID-19 affected everyone but given the data showing Gay Men are overwhelmingly impacted by Monkeypox, many who hold anti-LGBTQ+ views are not making any effort to hold back contempt toward Gay Men in particular.

I’ve seen some pretty disgusting rhetoric expressed in places you wouldn’t expect including online video games about this situation. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s the risk of mutation-induced variants and sub-variants emerging the longer this virus is allowed to spread unchecked. On that note, it’s very possible to be infected with two or more viruses at the same time so try to keep that in mind.


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Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 as Omicron Subvariant BA 5 sparks debate on reimposing Mask Mandates

President Biden has Oval Office makeover

For the second time in two years, a U.S. President has tested positive for COVID-19. The obvious difference is this time, vaccines have long been available and there’s a ton of fast-acting antivirals available.

Shortly after he was sworn in as the 46th President last January (2021), the White House made it obvious they expected Biden to test positive at some point. That day is today. Biden is not only fully vaccinated but he is also double boosted. Unlike Trump, Biden is not expected to be hospitalized let alone get seriously ill. He is experiencing mild sympthoms but no fever and will isolate in the White House residence for 5 days. If he tests negative on Monday (Day 5), he can come out of isolation.

The BA 5 subvariant of Omicron accounts for 70% of new COVID-19 infections in the U.S. Health officials warned the public this past winter the Corona Virus was not done with us and they been proven right with the new surge in positive cases since May. Omicron’s subvariants are like Malaria: It doesn’t matter if you just recovered. You can be reinfected immediately after you recover regardless of your vaccination status.

The BA 5 subvariants do resist the protection of currently available vaccines but they don’t completely evade them. Pfizer and Moderna are both working on developing boosters specific to Omicron and its subvariants. Their respective Omicron-specific boosters are projected to be ready this coming Fall and on that note. If you did get a regular booster or second booster, you can still get the Omicron-specific booster once it’s available. If you were planning to hold off on getting your first or second booster because you’re waiting for the Omicron-specific booster, there is no need to wait. You can get the regular booster and then get the one for Omicron once it’s available.

Now’s a good time to get your primary shots if you haven’t yet. The vaccines have been around for almost two full years now and no one’s dropping dead from them but given you know a lot of people who have been vaccinated by now, you probably already know that. Not wanting to end up in the hospital is reason enough to get vaccinated at this point.

We all remember insanity, chaos and lack of transparency that came with Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. We are being spared a repeat of that with Biden thankfully. Even if Biden’s health doesn’t stay stable, no one would really be surprised because he’s 79 years old. He has access to VIP healthcare due to his status as the sitting president like Trump before him. He should be fine and good to go once he’s out of quarantine.

Before his positive COVID-19 test, I actually was planning to comment on confirmed reports by some White House interns that Biden takes cognitive enhancement supplements before he makes public appearances. Given the circumstances, that does raise legit questions about his mental health. After all, it was revealed decades later Ronald Reagan was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s during his time as president in the 1980s.

Now would be the time to have a serious discussion on imposing age limits for people who hold office in Washington at least. Not just for the President but Congress and the Supreme Court.


Riders not ready to let go of their mask after the T drops mandate | WBUR News

It’s been about 10 months since the Federal Mask Mandate for Public Transit (Air, Train, Sea, Bus, etc.) was lifted. In my experience, most riders have elected to continue to wear a face mask while using public transport. Myself included. I was in Downtown Boston last Friday and noticed many people in a mall food court who weren’t eating were masked. People are paying attention to what’s going on and adjusting accordingly. Most businesses still require patrons or visitors and staff to be masked as well.

There is debate at state and local levels of bringing back mask mandates and time will tell if that happens. Things will not get as bad as they were over the last two years but those who remain unvaccinated will feel the brunt of the pandemic healthwise as usual.



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Texas GOP and Law Enforcement’s efforts to cover up details of the Uvalde Mass Shooting proves WHY the Free Press is so important for America

Uvalde DA makes rare comments on school shooting investigation - ABC News


Two months later, the families of the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting event know as much as they knew about the sequence of events as the day it happened: Nothing.

Why? Because of the obvious efforts of local law enforcement and the GOP to cover up what happened. As a reminder, the VERY first thing Texas’ governor Greg Abbott (Republican) was praise law enforcement for their response. By evening, he was forced to take that back.

When the media aggressively demanded answers the victims’ families deserve, they were stonewalled. They were basically told–and I’m paraphrasing here–“We’ll provide more details of the investigation and the timeline of events when everyone stops grieving.” Yes, really. It was code for “We’ll wait until the media moves on to other things and then quietly share more details at a time of our choosing”.

As a reminder, Greg Abbott wants to run for President one day. The other day, what little faith victims’ families had in local officials and law enforcement was destroyed when a heavily edited portion of surveilance video was publicly released. They were promised they would be allowed to view the full 59-minute video footage unedited behind closed doors. The released version edited out children screaming and gunshots.

This, ladies and gentlemen is what makes False Flag Operation conspiracy theories seem credible.

The two most popular ones that have persisted that the media has thankfully not touched involve Abbott’s political rival, Democrat Beto O’Rourke. With one, they claim O’Rourke paid law enforcement to delay themselves to make Abbott look bad. They consider the released surveilance footage proof and more so since officers knew in advance the school had cameras in the hallways. They also say the reason local officials are not saying anything is because Abbott is personally investigating O’Rourke’s involvement. This one is getting traction within the mainstream GOP.

The other conspiracy theory alledges O’Rourke paid people to pose as law enforcement and this is the real reason why no one seemed to know what they were doing. They claim reports some of the officers ignored protocol and saw to their own kids’ safety backs this up. They also say the real reason law enforcement who established a perimeter outside the school didn’t want parents going inside was because the “fake cops” were changing into plain clothes to blend in with the public.

It’s interesting to note neither conspiracy theory disputes the fact a mass shooting actually did take place. Neither of them claim grieving families are crisis actors either. That’s a nice change, yes? The reason for these two points the media isn’t mentioning mostly for sensitivity reasons is because some victims’ families have released photos they took of their childrens’ bodies before and after they were killed to some.

They were tightly controlled releases and due to the graphic nature of the post-mortem photos of dead children, you can’t find them online or in the media (yet). I’m pretty sure media outlets have seen the images but due to the graphic nature of the photos, they would not dare release them without the express permission and urging of a victims’ family.

The NRA and their lobbyists in Washington are aware of these images having controlled releases and they are extremely nervous. A few days after the mass shooting happened, some pundits said the day the family of a mass shooting victim does an “Emmitt Till” might be what’s necessary to break the NRA’s control over at least some of the GOP Politicians they own. For those who don’t know who Emmitt Till is, he was an African American teenager who was brutally murdered in the 1960s after a white woman claimed he winked at her. Till’s mother held an open casket funeral and it is a part of history. In insisting on an open casket funeral, Till’s mother showed the world what lynching looks like. To that point, many White Americans didn’t believe Lynching was (still) a thing and dismissed it as lies from the Dems. Till’s funeral changed everything.

I had mixed feelings about it before but with so many mass shootings happening in the U.S. every day–most of them not even making the news of course–I do think we will see such photos publicly released sooner than later personally. It’s one thing to read autopsy reports describing gaping holes created by high-power magazines in the human body or human skulls exploding on impact from high-capacity rounds, both instantly killing the subject. It’s another thing to see images of it. Morticians who tend to shooting victims do document the body via photos and video to be used in court. While they obviously can’t publicly release those images without permission, they have no problem showing anyone who stops by what such a body looks like.

Uvalde investigation: Texas House committee report describes multiple failures and a 'lackadaisical approach' by law enforcement - CNN

With permission from victims’ families, the city released police bodycam video to CNN.

My immediate reaction: If the shooter was not White, they would have shot him through the door. Without hesitation. They would’ve made sure he was dead. They would not beg him to surrender. They would not have tried to take him alive. They would have simply killed him.

THIS is the kind of double standard all black and brown people in America have always known. As far as Law Enforcement was concerned, the shooter’s life mattered more than the lives of the children he massacred. I will say it again: The shooter could have killed everyone in the school and this still would have been the outcome because he was White. THIS needs to be called out for what it is. Until it is confronted head on, look forward to more mass shootings being carried out by White Male legal gun owners in this country.

I am aware of the recent mass shooting at an Indiana mall that was stopped as soon as it started by a bystander who was a legal gun owner. That is the exception to the norm and on that note. Law Enforcement discourage this kind of thing because when they arrive, they have no way of knowing if the “Good Guy with a gun” is not the suspect they’re looking for while a shootout is in progress.

It doesn’t make national news much but it’s actually not uncommon for legal gun owners to be seriously injured or killed by cops who legit don’t know about the legal gun owners exchanging fire with the suspect in advance and it’s not their fault. They typically don’t realize until after they’ve shot the legal gun owner that they were trying to help. So, the idea “more good guys with guns” being pushed by the NRA and their GOP allies is a bad idea overall.


Story of Uvalde victim's green shoes captures White House's attention : NPR

When you hear accounts of victims’ families having to identify their dead children by what they were wearing, that’s because their face is either unrecognizable, their entire head is in pieces or most of it is just not there anymore. You’re used to maybe thinking about having to identify a body from dental records. What if there is no longer a head or mouth from which to extract teeth?

Some families walk in expecting to see a gaping hole in the skull or something like that. When there is literally nothing above the neck, they typically ask the mortician “Where is the head?” to which they’re told “The magazine rounds that did this blew it away.” while motioning to some entrails and brain matter they were able to recover.

Got a mental image now? Feel physically sick? Good. What did it for me was the green converse shoes pictured above. It’s one thing for a parent to have to bury a child. It’s another to know the only way to identify their child’s body is based on what they were wearing because they no longer have a head or a face. Let that sink in.

This is what the GOP and Gun Lobbyists who worship the Second Amendment wants for America. I’ll just put it like that. In refusing to defy the NRA, they endorse mass shootings. Remember: Guns have more rights than people in America as far as they’re concerned.


Stop Transforming US Schools into Prisons in the Name of Security | gadflyonthewallblog

Before I move on to another topic, I really need to make sure I say this as it’s been getting renewed scrutiny after the Uvalde School Shooting. As is always the case after a school shooting, the GOP and their NRA masters redirect attention everywhere but on the problem itself. This is also why they lean so hard into putting armed personnel in public schools.

In addition, weapons and armor manufacturers are designing kid-sized bulletproof backpacks. They are also now testing kid-sized bulletproof and blast resistant riot shields. Yes, companies are now looking to profit off these mass shooting events. This is where we are now as a country.

It’s also an admittance from the GOP they don’t want to do anything to protect children at school or anywhere else because their NRA Masters and their worship of the 2nd Amendment means more to them than human life. They don’t care about the fact most gun owners want common sense regulations. I know quite a lot of gun owners who tore up their NRA memberships and others who sold their guns, both in protest of the shallow and routine “Thoughts and Prayers” line we hear after every mass shooting event.

Some of you may be familiar with the School to Prison Pipeline that disproportionately impacts Black, Brown and Hispanic boys. Studies done 20 years ago proved Public Education as a system was failing at risk youth of color and even worse, by design. According to some of the data from the studies, it was possible to accurately predict if a child would go to prison or otherwise get caught up on the legal system as early as third grade. It’s a big reason why non-profit organizations like City Year and Playworks are so heavily invested in working in urban schools.

What does this have to do with Mass Shooting events at schools? Well, I worked in Public Education for 10 years as a reminder. After Sandy Hook, every public school in America started practicing active shooter drills as I mentioned in a previous post. As Fight For Our Lives founder and school shooting survivor David Hogg put it in his Mea Culpa postcast interview, our society are preparing our children for prison by basically turning schools into prisons. I mean psychologically and emotionally.

I will say that again: We–not just policymakers but our society–are teaching our children to be prisoners. What is and what should be are two different things and until reality is confronted, things will continue.


Indiana & Ohio Edition | CATAN


On an unrelated subject.

Shortly after Roe v. Wade being overturned became official last month, news broke of a 10 year old girl pregnant from rape having to cross state lines from Ohio to Indiana to have an abortion. The girl’s family had to take her to Indiana because Ohio was one of about 13 states that had trigger laws outlawing abortion set to take immediate effect when Roe v. Wade was struck down

The GOP quickly dismissed the story as fiction from the Dems…until the rapist was arrested earlier this week. They wasted no time pivoting into talking one of their tried and true talking points: Immigration. After the draft leak in May, the GOP has been pulling out all the stops to avoid talking about Abortion because of the political blowback. They are urging GOP candidates to stay away from talking about Abortion if they want any hope in their elections.

What was THE one issue the GOP loved talking about for 50 years is now a forbidden subject. Why? Because over 65% of Conservative voters opposed overturning Roe v. Wade. Most Republican and Conservative voters are actually pro-choice but want some modest restictions in place. They DID NOT want Roe v. Wade outright overturned. When one of your party’s talking points for 50 years is outlawing Abortion, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

After the initial opinion draft was leaked in May, word was quickly spread online for women in America to delete period tracker apps from their phones and tablets. Why? Because the information in those apps could be used as evidence against them should they be arrested for getting an abortion.

Some women have gotten apps commonly used in countries where Abortion is outlawed with a kill switch built in. How it works is when you activate the kill switch, it deletes all App data and breaks the app itself, preventing it from being opened anymore. Apple and Google (Android) have both vowed to develop enhanced privacy features for mobile phones and tablets that wil give users more control over what’s shared in response to Roe v. Wade being overturned. They are also urging developers of Apps to provide user data protection updates to their Apps as well.


2,590 Bomb Sniffing Dog Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

There are many Pro-Life advocates who dont understand–yet–what it means to live in a world where the right to choose is taken from you by law.

It’s not fearmongering when podcast hosts are now telling people state governments that have now outlawed Abortion are already looking into bringing pregnancy-sniffing dogs to airports, bus depots and train stations in their states. It’s already well known dogs can sniff and sense when a woman is ovulating or is pregnant before the woman herself is even aware. How do they do that? Sniff a woman’s groin. If you thought the TSA being able to legally grope your 5 year old daughter 20 years ago was immoral, try a dog doing the same thing.

Their reasoning behind it is obvious. While preparing to leave, they stop you and say “The dog is indicating you’re pregnant or ovulating. Were you aware of this?” and then start questioning you while reminding you of the state’s anti-Abortion laws. Imagine being a woman on an interstate highway and being pulled over for a routine traffic stop. A K-9 unit comes over to sniff your groin because you’re suspected of having crossed state lines to have an abortion. “You just came from a state that allows abortion. Now it looks like you’re no longer pregnant so you’re under arrest.”

This is what “law and order” looks like to Christian Nationalists. This is what “owning the Libs” looks like to the GOP. The cruelty is the point and this is just the beginning of what’s to come when the GOP retakes majority control of Congress. They will have the numbers to override a Veto and could pass a nationwide abortion ban as soon as everyone is sworn in. At the very least, they will threaten to do it to keep Biden and the Dems in check.


Why is Inauguration Day on January 20? |

Former Oath Keepers spokesman Jason Van Tatenhove was one of the two in-person witnesses at the latest public hearing by the 1/6 Select Committee and he gave an ominous warning about the 2024 Presidential Election: If Trump runs in 2024, prepare for Civil War. This was a warning to the country and a Republican Party that is now fighting to cut Trump out ahead of the November Midterms.

He’s too smart to EVER say it publicly but Mitch McConnell absolutely does not want to see Trump run again in 2024. It’s not exactly a secret anymore that the makeup of the 1/6 Select Committee is what the GOP wanted all along. As Trump himself is whining about, he has no allies on the Select Committee to defend him. You can’t help but give props to Nancy Pelosi for outsmarting Kevin McCarthy on that one. He knew she would not approve of Jim Jordan and Mo Brooks being on the originally planned bipartisan committee–both are implicated as being in on it and are Trump allies–so he refused to approve of a bipartisan committee.

That was last Summer.

When the Select Committee was announced, a lot of heads were turned when it was revealed Republicans  Liz Cheaney and Adam Kinzinger were both announced as part of the Select Committee. Both are known to not be Trumpsters on that note. Kinzinger announced shortly afterward he will not seek reelection. Not just because he knows being on the Select Committee means he’s getting primaried but more recently because of death threats being made against him and his family.

Liz Cheaney was stripped of her other congressional assignments by her GOP peers and is now being primaried simply for standing up to Trump. It looked like it was a sure thing she would be primaried but once the public hearings started, tht’s no longer a sure thing. Cheaney was already projected to win by a small margin but her prominence on the committee now projects her to win by a very wide margin. She is showing her home state of Wyoming why they sent her to Washington and why need her there for at least one more term ahead of this November. Regardless of the midterm outcome, she is showing her party she would be a viable alternative to Trump and DeSantis for the Republican Primary. This may be the outcome McConnell is riding on. We’ll have to wait and see.

That aside, Far Right personalities know they’re now mainstream and they are laying the foundation to prep the party for Civil War. Stephen Ayres, who was the other in-person witness at the latest Select Committee hearing was one of the rioters who was charged and sentanced. He gave a chilling reminder of why these hearings are extremely important: Millions of Americans still believe Trump’s lies and every election GOP candidates don’t win is in danger of being contested if not outright overturned. Some states are looking giving state congresses the power to override election results if they don’t swing their way. Yes, really.

Michael Cohen often talks about something Donald Trump learned from Russia’s Vladomir Putin: It doesn’t matter who votes for who but who’s counting the votes. That’s what the GOP working to take away Democracy the right to vote is all about. They want to be the ones to decide whose voice counts and whose voice doesn’t and to hell with what you want.


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Breaking News: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated

Shinzo Abe death: Shock killing that could change Japan forever - BBC News

I happened to be watching NHK Japan Thursday night when the shocking news broke that Japan’s former prime minister was shot. He was taken to a local hospital unresponsive and was later pronounced dead. He was 67 years old. Shinzo Abe was Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister. He was in office for 12 years before declining health forced him to step down in 2020. Abe was prime minister while Bush 43, Obama and Trump were president.

Tributes are pouring in from not just across Japan but around the world. The former prime minster’s assassination has also shattered the sense of peace and safety from gun violence Japan has long enjoyed since the end of World War II. Japan has long been known as one of the safest countries in the world. For context, it’s very common to see preschool-aged children using public transportation unattended in Tokyo and Osaka. For the most part, you do not need to look over your shoulder when walking around at night.

While the assassin was arrested on the spot, the body blow he dealt to Japanese society will be felt for some time. The assassin was a former JSDF soldier and made the gun he used himself. Personally, I am concerned that may have permanently shattered the collective sense of safety from random gun violence the people of Japan have enjoyed for generations.

Many Japanese officials condemned the assassination as an attack on not just Democracy but an attack on Free Speech. Abe was speaking at a public event in Nara at the time he was killed. One of the so far known motives behind the assassination was the assassin held hatred toward what’s being referred to as a “certain group” he mistakenly believed Abe was affiliated with via his mother. Yes, someone really felt they needed to kill the former Prime Minister over something like that.

That “certain group” we now know is the Unification Church, also known as the Moonies which is a cult based in the U.S. Cult expert Dr. Steven Hassan was a member of the  Moonies back in the 70s. Though the Moonies are no longer as prominent as they were 50 years ago, the Cult is still around now and has aligned itself with the New Apostalic Reformation as well as the many far right anti-government groups out there.

Given this was a politically motivated killing, even though Abe was no longer a government official at the time, the assassin will likely face the death penalty when convicted. Assuming that happens, The Japanese government has a policy of not telling the condemned in advance when they will be executed. Capital Punishment is extremely rare in Japan but given the nature of Abe’s assassination, it’s not a stretch to believe it will be off the table. The condemned don’t know when they’ll be executed until the day of. On that day, a guard will go to their cell to take them to be executed.


Japanese Police Officers Questioning Suspect Editorial Photo - Image of officers, questioning: 149581596

Contrary to how it may have looked from the video footage and pictures, Abe was surrounded by a security detail at the time he was killed. It clearly didn’t stop the assassin from getting close to him obviously. No doubt Japanese officials and law enforcement will use this incident as a learning experience moving forward. At the very least, some will definitely petition for security details for VIPs to be increased.

One side effect from this no one is saying–not yet anyway–that could happen is Japanese citizens could petition for gun ownership rights in line with Europe and North America. You have to keep in mind Japan is not the U.S. Only 3 in every 1000 Japanese citizens own a gun. The reason is because Japan has the strictest gun license application in the word and it’s like that specifically to discourage people from trying to apply.

Japan originally passed its now imfamous Firearms and Swords Regulations into law back in 1954 when there was still the threat of former Japanese soldiers who fought in WWII doing something crazy. Not everyone turned in their weapons after the world and it forced the Japanese government to take action to forcibly disarm its population in accordance with their surrender terms to the U.S.

The only firearms private citizens are allowed to own are shotguns and air rifles. Handguns and swords–I refer to Katanas obviously–are banned. The last person to commit Seppuku in Japan did it back in 1972 if I remember right on that note. Ceremonial swords as well as swords shipped overseas are excluded though you can legally own one with special permission. Same with handguns.

Because of how few people actually own a gun in Japan, it’s extremely easy for law enforcement in Japan to trace and track guns in the country. There are no illegal firearms in Japan, I’ll just put it like that. The assassin made the gun he used on that note. He’s a JSDF Vet so he would have had the knowledge and skills to make a gun.

For context, Japan’s Prime Minister is the equivalent of a U.S. President. After WWII, the U.S. cut a deal with Japan. In exchange for giving then Emperor Hirohito immunity from prosecution for War Crimes committed by Japan, the Emperor was made a figurehead with no real power. It was sold publicly that top military officials acted without Hirohito’s knowledge or permission despite obvious evidence Hirohito was aware of everything and nothing happened without the Emperor knowing about it.

In short, no one bought it but since the U.S., which Japan surrendered to was pushing the story that’s how history was written. It pissed off almost a third of the world that Hirohito basically got away with War Crimes so the US Forces occupying Japan wouldn’t have to deal with an insurrection. Hirohito ruled until his death in 1989 and was succeeded by the now Emperor Emeritus Akihito. He abdicated in 2019 and was succeeded by his son and the current Emperor Hirohito in 2019.

I’ll pause for a minute to add this for further clarity. After World War II, The Imperial Royal Family was officially stripped of its power and influence in political matters. This is why I said earlier the position of Emperor is nothing more than a figurehead with no real power in matters of State. This was the (steep) price Japan was willing to pay to spare the Emperor prosecution. The reason is because like the Egyptian Phaeroh, Japan’s Emperors are also revered and worshipped as dieties. That left the United Kingdom as the  last country governerned by a Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth still rules despite her declining health issues.

Post World War II, all exeutive executive power is now in the hands of the Prime Minister, the current one being Fumio Kishida. Japan’s DIET is the equivalent of U.S. Congress and they also have their own version of the Supreme Court too. As much as the U.S. has sucked at Nationbuilding and Colonialism, Japan was a unique exception: They do Democracy better than the U.S. more or less.

Japan, South Korea, U.S. eye deeper security ties in first summit in five years | The Japan Times

Japan never lost its autonomy after World War II on that note. The U.S. Military Base in Okinawa was originally built to act as a staging ground for the Korean War and then the Vietnam War. It’s since been maintained for Japan, Taiwan and South Korea’s protection mainly from North Korea, China and to a lesser extent Russia.

The U.S. Military Base in Okinawa is itself enough of a deterrent against the three countries I just named and more so given Japan has no international military power. After WWII, Japan was forced to demilitarize. In exchange, the U.S. would guarantee Japan’s protection from North Korea and China in particular.

South Korea has beef with Japan for the same reasons but they know a military option is no only off the table and would achieve nothing at the end of the day. They’ve instead spent the last 80 years trying to get the Japanese government to at least acknowledge they committed War Crimes during WWII. Every year about now, a delegation from South Korea representing rape victims and the children born from rape at the hands of Japanese soldiers during World War II–they were known as “Comfort Women”–go to Japan to petition the Japanese government to acknowledge its past.

Photos: U.S. President Barack Obama Makes Historic Asia Trip | Time

Japanese Leader Offers Condolences in Visit to Pearl Harbor - The New York Times

The cloesst they’ve ever gotten was when Obama visited Hiroshima and Abe visited Pearl Harbor. That was the first time a sitting U.S. President ever visited the site of the first nuclear bombing in history. Nukes haven’t been used again ever since.

Abe was also the first sitting Japanese Prime Minister to visit Pearl Harbor. He met some of the vets who survived that were still living at the time while there. In some remarks, Abe basically said some atrocities were committed and lives were changed forever on that day and in the years that followed. It wasn’t specific enough for Chinese and Korean observers but in their eyes, it’s was a start!

I hope you know now appreciate the history and the dynamic between Asia’s major players in regards to each other and the U.S. North Korea, Russia and China have recently accused the U.S. of trying to form a Pacific version of NATO in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine to act as a check against them among other things. We already know Chinese agents have been working to spread misinformation and propaganda in Japan online ever since Abe’s death was announced. That’s a good way to strengthen Japan’s relationship with the U.S. if you ask me.

I’m pretty sure Abe’s funeral will be a state funeral and the entire country will be involved. It would be as if a member of the Imperial Family died, that’s how big of a deal this is. Watch NHK Japan for updates.


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With so much uncertainty in the country, many Americans don’t feel July 4th is worth celebrating this year

4th of July in Boston | History, Concerts & Fireworks

I mean people on both sides of the political divide but for clearly different reasons. Democrats’ exasperation toward party leaders is starting to turn into anger in the face of their lack of urgency these times demand. Meanwhile, Republicans are gearing up for serious infighting between Trump supporters and those who want to take control of GOP back. Collectively, both sides are very unhappy as well as collectively.

In the past, one thing that would normally be done to unite the country during times like this is conflict with a foreign power. There’s no collective appetite for that domestically and there hasn’t been for some time. The only way it would happen would be if America was attacked first. The obvious problem with that is Russia, China and North Korea wouldn’t attack first. There’s also the fact China has zero interest in going to war with the U.S. Putin doesn’t seem to mind anymore given everything happening in Ukraine but he knows his military’s not up to it. North Korea is North Korea so…yeah. America’s military is its pride and joy but like I said, war with a foreign power is off the table anytime soon.

Even if there is a new president in 2024–and chances are pretty good that will happen–I don’t see that changing. Speaking of, Biden’s support among Democrats continues to plummet and more so in recent months.

To most Dems, Biden isn’t taking their wants and needs as seriously as he should be given everything going on. The GOP never has this problem weather they control the White House or not in comparison. The Dems have to beg people to vote in large numbers. The GOP never has this problem.

It’s quite the contrast and that’s just two examples.

President Biden's first address to Congress is invite-only - The Boston  Globe

The economy is still in recovery mode but inflation is wrecking far too many families. While there is literally nothing the White House can do about that, there IS a lot Congress can do about it. The problem is Congress is not only doing nothing now but is projected to do more of the same through at least the 2024 Presidential election.

Since Congress isn’t really doing anything and has had this reputation for literally decades now, this is what opened the door to presidents legislating via Executive Order and Judges or Justices legislating from the bench. They are doing it because Congress hasn’t been doing its job.

Here’s an idea most Americans would get behind: How about we just re-elect every seat in both houses of Congress? Just get rid of everyone, start fresh and see what happens. I would throw in the caviat everyone who’s served 3 or more consecutive terms can’t be re-elected this time. That would instantly disqualify at least 70% of those currently in Congress as intended. Collectively, Americans want and need this kind of hard reset and that’s just for starters.


5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July When Traveling Abroad

More immediately, most Americans need a reason to feel optimistic about the future. That isn’t something the government is in a position to do anything about so everyone will need to find their own reasons. Let’s not kid ourselves, this country has serious problems that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

At the same time, there is no ignoring the fact hundreds of thousands literally risk their lives to just try to come here every year via Mexico. As of now, everyone still has freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Despite its obvious problems, America is still the envy of the world. That’s something that needs to be kept in mind by everyone regardless of politics.

I’m in regular contact with people in countries where they don’t have these same freedoms. They basically tell me the same thing: Americans the freedoms they have for granted. They’re right and some are starting to realize that now compared to the past.

If you don’t appreciate what you have when you have it, you forfeit the right to complain when you no longer have it. More and Americans are soon going to experience what people in many parts of the world have known for generations and that’s not having certain freedoms. If that’s what it takes to unite the country for a common cause, bring it on.


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